Monday, February 21, 2011

Introducing Samantha Phillips

Today we have Samantha Phillips, Production/Layout Artist for Barbour, here to tell us more about herself.

What’s your nickname?
Most people call me Sami or Sam

How long have you worked at Barbour?
I started working at Barbour August of 2010

What do you do in your current role at Barbour?
I love my job!!! I am a Production/Layout Artist and I design anything from book interiors, book wraps, and also book cover treatments.

What brought you to Barbour?
I grew up in New Philadelphia, Ohio and have also done clerical and data entry work at Twin City Hospital in Dennison, Ohio. When I heard about an opening that was in the area I jumped on the chance. I feel so lucky to work for a company that also values God and His teachings.

What interests you about the publishing industry?
As a little girl I was either writing short stories or drawing. My twin brother, Zach, and I would pretend we were characters in our favorite books, and still to this day I love getting lost in a great book. I love being a part of passing on someone's story.

What's your favorite food?
Anything found at the traditional Thanksgiving Dinner!

What's your favorite vacation spot?
Somewhere warm with a sandy beach

What's your favorite Bible verse?
Jeremiah 29:11
"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope"

Name something you miss about being a kid:
I miss the notion that time didn't exist. Summer vacation seemed like it was a year long, and Christmas could never come soon enough.

Name something you love about being an adult:
I love all the opportunities adulthood presents…from travel to finding what you are passionate for. As an adult you can keep dreaming as you did as a child, but now you have wings to go after those dreams.

What's your favorite thing to do on a Sunday afternoon?
I love to listen to music and to zone-out into something creative, such as drawing or writing. On the colder Sundays it's always nice to curl up in comfortable clothes and watch a classic movie.

Do you have any hidden talents?
I love to bake pies from scratch

Thanks, Samantha!


CatMom said...

Hello Samantha! I enjoyed reading about you and your interests. How wonderful you like to bake pies from scratch (YUM!!). In this day of fast foods and instant everything, it's refreshing to see a younger adult who enjoys that.
Blessings from Georgia, Patti Jo

Barbara Curtis said...

Working at Barbour sounds so great! What an opportunity you have. It's nice to "meet" you through your interview.

Carrie Fancett Pagels, Ph.D. said...

That is my favorite bible verse, too. Enjoyed your interview!

Carla Gade said...

Nice to get to know you, Samantha! From what I see, you do great work!