Friday, June 18, 2010

Matchmaking Games in Nashville

A Christy Award finalist for her novel Stand-In Groom, Kaye Dacus begins a new contemporary romance series full of humor and inspiration with the release of book one in the Matchmakers series, Love Remains, in August 2010.

In Love Remains, matchmaking grandparents long to see their grandchildren happily settle in marriage. Zarah Mitchell and Bobby Patterson become the matchmaking focus of their well-meaning grandmothers when Bobby moves back to Nashville to work for the Tennessee Criminal Investigations Unit. Zarah believes he chose a military career over her fourteen years ago, while Bobby harbors his own resentment over Zarah’s choices to further her education. The grandmothers notice the feelings are still there between the couple, but will matters only get worse when Bobby investigates the agency Zarah works for? Will she be the one to leave this time, taking the opportunity to pursue a dream job in DC?

Watch for more romance in Nashville coming in The Art of Romance and Turnabout's Fair Play.


Ronie Kendig said...

Yay! Kaye's book looks AWESOME! I can't wait for its release!

Barbara Curtis said...

I'm thrilled to see that Kaye has a new series out! I really enjoyed her last series.

Ceska said...

Love Remains is the first book in the new Matchmaker series by author Kaye Dacus. When I think of matchmakers, I normally don't picture them as the type who are found in this series. The matchmakers in these books are a group of grandparents who are plotting to find suitable mates for their recalcitrant grandchildren.