Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I'm Still Here

I can't believe fall is here, October is halfway through, and ACFW conference has come and gone.

I'm still here, plugging away at the work. I haven't TOTALLY forgotten that I have a blog.

I have a Bloglines account and track several blogs that I'll check a couple times a week. It does amaze me that some people come up with great thoughts to share everyday. How do they do that? If it is on random life stuff, then okay, I could probably write something every day, but I don't know how I could tell you something new and useful about publishing every day when I can't seem to do it once a week these days.

Still, some people are doing it. Agent Rachelle Gardener has a great blog here that she adds to five days a week. I don't know how she does it.

Kaye Dacus has been coming up with some profound thoughts here on her blog that is geared toward fellow writers.

When I think of all the stuff I need to do, I can easily get a case of bird brain (burnout). LOL

Anyway, I think we should revitalize this blog, and I welcome your suggestions. What do you want to see here? What questions still need answered? Who do you want to see as a guest, or do you want to volunteer as a guest?

And THANKS to all who still follow, despite my lazy posting routine.


Edna said...

that is the way I am with a bloh, I tried it and could not think of anything to write anout.


Lisa Faye Harman said...

I check this blog on a regular basis because I do enjoy reading it. I like to learn about the day to day work in the publishing business. I also like to just "get to know" people through their blogs.

Beth Loughner said...

I'm with you on this one, Becky. I don't know how you have material for once a week when I struggle with a monthly blog on my website. My grand hopes were for a bi-monthly blog, but I soon discovered my life must be pretty boring. Maybe we pour so much into our fictional stories that there's not much left for the real-life blog. :-)

But please keep writing your blog. I love reading it. I've especially enjoyed the special guest writers.


Aaron Mc said...

Hey Becky,
I know you are swamped with work as you have given a lot to me. :) (Thanks for that, by the way.) Some topics I think would be good would be writing children. I love Mary Connealy's and Janet Lee Barton's children in their books. Each has a different approach, but each writes children wonderfully. I also think you could blog about writing pets and other animals. Other topics could be including real history in stories or grammar topics like the debated use of the plural pronouns they and their for singular antecedents or the use of you in prose. I also think blogs from different writers on how they incorporate Christian romance into their books would be great. Christian writers get to be so much more creative in this area ot would be great to hear others' ideas on this. Hope this helps.

Aaron McCarver said...

Wow, my finger slipped and hit the wrong button before getting my whole name out there. I have not become a rap artist by the name of Aaron Mc. :)

Rachel Overton said...

Maybe you could have guest bloggers from within Barbour--someone from each step of the procedure from strategizing, choosing a project, through each stage of editing, all the way to getting it out the door and marketed. I'm guessing that most of us have no clue what all is really involved there. Having each person explain their part in the process would take the blogging load from you and let us get better acquainted with the faces of Barbour.

I like Aaron Mc's (LOL) suggestion about advice on writing children. This isn't always easy, and those characters can be a bit muddled at times. And using history accurately and effectively. Using real location research like Erica Vetsch does. That's one of the many strong points in her work--her locations seem very real, and it's because she's been there.

Becky said...

Good ideas. Keep them coming!

Rose said...

I think how your anthologies are put together, especially the ones that have a common thread linking the stories verses just a common topic.

In addition to that how who comes up with the ideas, in house? authors? How can new writer's get a story in an anthology. Are they only geared toward holidays?

Erica Vetsch said...

Wow, thanks, Rachel, for the shout-out.

Becky, (and JoAnne) I think one of the best things about The Edit Cafe, is that it is a place where readers and especially authors can come to meet editors. To see that they are real people, with real schedules, real families, real pressures, successes, set-backs, etc.

Sometimes I think authors, especially newer, pre-published authors, see editors as on the other side of a big, hulking wall that the author is trying to somehow scale. By you posting here on this blog about the publishing process, your venture into chicken ranching, your dogs, trips to Kansas, it really shows how engaging and real you are. It lowers that wall and makes a bridge instead.

Okay, enough of the metaphors. :)

Mary Connealy said...

Aaron mentioning children makes me realize I haven't had children in the last couple of books.

I think I'm slipping. Gotta get those kids in there and the chaos they inevitably bring.

I always check in with the blog, Becky, but I do very little on my own blog except post Mary Connealy News (gag) where I'll be, other blogs, interviews, new releases, new reviews, etc.

It's just a TON of work and it takes a lot of creative energy which I think I don't have to spare. :)

Janet Spaeth said...

I like the mixture of work and personal stories. I'd like to know, for example, how your chickens are doing, Becky, and what you do with them when it gets cold and snowy. JoAnne, I always love pictures of your daughter, too!

And how you got a picture of me first thing in the morning. (G)

I also like Rose's idea (Hi, Rose!) and Rachel's idea. For those of you who don't know, Rachel goes through my manuscripts and catches my frequent bloopers. She is fantastic!

Rachel Overton said...

*blush* Thank you, Janet! I'm just glad you guys still talk to me after you get my reviews! I'm honored to have a part in getting you all out there, looking just as pretty as you possibly can! And I can't wait to see what you've done with The Ice Carnival. Your heroine was an intriguing person. :-)

Amy Tate said...

A few weeks ago, you compiled a list of your favorite editing projects for 2009. Since I'm anxious to get my hands on great literature, I printed the list. I am currently working my way down, and I just finished Dream Chasers. I've read a lot of books but this one had me crying my eyes out! It was such a good balance between Christianity and REAL life...that is hard to find in Christian fiction. For me, so much of it tends to be too preachy or watered down, which in turn produces weak or shallow characters. However, Dream Chasers more than delivered. I attend a lot of writer conferences and classes, but I enjoy viewing solid fiction from your editing perspective. Thank you for this blog!

Pepper Basham said...

Oh wow, sounds like good ideas are all around. I like that rapper-guy's idea, oh...and Mary - the kids in your books are so great. So far all of mine have kids in them, because I've surrendered....

I'm surrounded by them at home and at work. There's no way I can have an individual thought without someone under the age of 12 interrupting or jumping in :-)

Guest bloggers are a wonderful idea and the bridge from author to editor sounds great too.

Pepper Basham said...

Btw, Aaron, I know you're not a rapper-guy. Just thought I'd play along. It does sound good, though. Maybe you should try a new line of work ;-)

Aaron McCarver said...

Thanks Pepper for the...shout out...I think they call it. Anyway, trust me, that is one kind of rhythm I DO NOT have. :)

Pepper Basham said...

Hmm, instead of Toby Mac, Aaron Mac? No? ;-)

I think there are too many people who would object if you left your current line of work anway :-)

Sandra Dennison said...

I read this blog regularly. Enjoy getting to know editors as real people, but also want to learn the business behind the books. I would love hearing what you are looking for now-recent updates or changes.