Friday, October 9, 2009

Any Favorites?

Sandra Moore suggested a fun blog topic to me recently so here we go: What's one of your favorite scenes from a Barbour or Heartsong romance? Was there a proposal or wedding scene that was just unforgettable or a really touching line or emotional moment that has stuck with you? Let us know!


Erica Vetsch said...

Since I just finished Montana Rose by Mary Connealy last night, I would have to say, the scene where Red asks Cassie to marry him 'for real' near the end of the book.

So emotionally satisfying, so beautiful, and wow, sooo romantic.

Loved it!

Mary Connealy said...

You liked that, huh, Erica?

You know that scene wasn't originally in the book. Or rather is was far, far, far less developed.

Aaron McCarver convinced me to be a bit braver when it comes to these kind of 'love scenes'.

Not about this particular scene but about the level of passion allowed in my books in general.

He said, "Quit censoring yourself and let me censor you." or words to that affect.

So I had that scene grow considerably. I ended up loving it and there's nothing...improper...I guess you'd say...about it.

I loved the last scene of MaryLu Tyndall's Red Siren. What a great, amazing ending. She made so much trouble for the hero/heroine I really didn't think she could pull off a happy ending. And then she hooked the next book so hard I HAD to read it. Impossible not to. Great, great story telling.

Amy Tate said...

I love Christine Lynxwiler's Longing for Home. I read that story through my tears. My husband finally figured out that Christine's books make me cry in a good way, and he no longer asks me what's wrong. I love the part when Jake leaves Arkansas for California and proposes on Brandi's front porch. Sigh.

Aaron McCarver said...

Thanks for the "shout out," Mary. I just always want you to let your considerable talent loose! But watch out, world! :) "Petticoat Ranch" is still one of my favorites. I love a book that makes me laugh as well as keeps me going to the end and leaves me wanting more. As for HPs, I have read so many wonderful ones, but Janet Lee Barton's "A Place to Call Home" still stands out to me. This books shines with faith, family, and love. It also shows that deceptively simple storytelling always works!

Cathy Shouse said...

I have "Dear John" by Kim Vogel Sawyer on my keeper shelf.

I'm not even sure if there is a wedding scene. The way the characters interacted with one another, including how the hero and heroine treated her Down's Syndrome brother, is what stands out in my mind. It was a beautiful story and there were so many life lessons, about making assumptions about other people's abilities and how good people can have sincere disagreements about what is best and one can be totally wrong.

This makes me miss that book, maybe I better go back and read it again. :)

Connie Stevens said...

I smiled when I read Cathy's post because Dear John remains one of my all time Heartsong favorites too.

I think my favorite scene in that book is the one in the truck after Phillip and Marin have met with Phillip's brother, Rocky, and Phillip asks her what she thinks. When her response is positive, Phillip says, "Marin, you're willing to accept my brother?"

"You accepted mine," she points out.

This scene speaks to my heart in so many ways, but mainly because it points to the unconditional love and acceptance that is ours through Christ Jesus. The love connection that occurs between a godly man and woman is a reflection of that love Jesus poured out for us.

Pepper Basham said...

Ooh, Erica - you stole one of mine ;-)

I can't decide. I liked that scene from Montana Rose, but I also enjoyed the funny scene at the end of Chasing CHarity by Marcia Gruver when Charity's best friend Emily and Charity's love interest Buddy show up at the church - looking like a complete disaster. That was cute.

Hannah and Grant's proposal moment is sweet - but all those stolen kisses make up the best part of Mary's book "Gingham Mountain" ;-)

Sorry - you asked for one and I'm horrible at finding a favorite

Marcia Gruver said...

Thank you, Pepper! I still smile when I think about that scene. It was fun to write.

Marcia Gruver said...

Phooey! Got so flattered I forgot to add my favorite. :)

I just finished Montana Rose, so the scene where the townsmen are picking over Cassie's bones on her husband's fresh grave gets my vote.