Monday, September 15, 2008

Troublesome Ike

Here's praying our Houston area author friends made it through the storm this weekend. Would love to hear from you.

We felt Ike's winds here last night, and with gusts around 70 MPH, I can't image what it would be like to go through the actual hurricane. JoAnne, many Barbour folks, and I have been without power at our homes for over 14 hours. I've gotta get clothes washed for ACFW!


Mary Connealy said...

Yikes, Becky that tree is by YOU?
I've been hearing about a lot of trouble all up to the northern part of the country.

Hurricanes, I wonder what God's plan was there? :)

Becky said...

No, this tree is from the newspapper web site and would be closer to where Mary our VP lives.

Katie Hart - Freelance Writer said...

My house is an hour or two east of Barbour's offices (just inside the PA border) and we've been without power since 9 last night. At least I have power at work!

The Write Life said...

I hope you all get your power back, soon. I can't believe how powerful Ike is/was! We live in the Florida panhandle and still had a lot of water surge, wind, and our main road to the mainland was closed. Everyone had to drive all the way around the bay to get to work and school.

I hope you have power again now.


Becky said...

Power came back at my house in the middle of last night. Some here at work still don't have power at home, including JoAnne.

JoAnne said...

And it's driving me crazy with trying to get ready for ACFW this week! But I am reminding myself how incredibly blessed I am that my family and home are safe and sound. Thank you, God!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you guys are having all that trouble, especially with the conference this week.

Here in Grand Rapids, we didn't have the wind as much as we got rain. The lake that borders our backyard breached it's banks Sunday afternoon, flooding our yard. We were afraid the basement would flood but the sump pump held, praise the Lord.

Looking forward to seeing all of you at the conference,
Patty Smith Hall

Anonymous said...

The storm hit Kansas and flooded
the cowskin river---flooded
lower west Wichita--many new homes
were lost---

how do I submit stuff to be critiqued?

Janelle said...

You sure you want to hear from those of us from the Houston area? Would you like a one word description of that storm? YIKES!!! I don't want to stay for another one of those. Not even a little. We lost power about 7:00 Friday night and still don't have it back. We have no idea when we'll get it. They say anywhere from three days to three weeks. (I'll warn you conference goers now, stay downwind of me till I get a shower when I get there. LOL) We've spent the last three days cleaning up and every muscle in my body hurts. We had about 85 mph sustained winds with gusts to around 100. Sleepless night. Scary night. But we feel so blessed to be unharmed. Mary, you wondered what God had planned for hurricanes? One thing I can tell you, He's great at tree trimming. Our shade trees aren't too shady any longer. All right, time to go. Looking forward to seeing many of you soon.

Me! said...

My hubby's cousin is working in the Houston area to help restore power and downed phone lines -- it's hard to believe Galveston was hit soo hard!