Friday, June 8, 2007

A Great Place to Network

A new face and new conversation every fifteen minutes. Those author/editor appointments were a bit overwhelming for me as a new Christian fiction editor at my first ACFW conference last year. But I loved it, too. I enjoyed meeting so many new people, getting to talk one-on-one, and hearing the story ideas they were passionate about. And I kept thinking what a great way this was for authors to network with editors they hoped to work with someday—fifteen whole minutes of their undivided attention.

Networking is one of the best reasons I can give why every Christian fiction writer should be in Dallas this September. There are so many opportunities to get acquainted with editors and authors whom you can make connections with and learn from—at appointments, in sessions, at mealtimes, even in the bathroom :p (but remember everyone needs some private time, too!)

They say it’s not what you know, it’s who you know, and I believe that’s half true. It is who you know—God. He’s who you really need to know, and He has great plans for you. But I also know that God will use other people to help you get where He wants you to be. So, you have to get out there and let Him put other people in your path. What better way for a Christian fiction writer to cross paths with other writers and editors than at one of the largest Christian fiction conferences going?

Every time I see a proposal in my inbox that says, “I met you at ACFW…” I pay closer attention. I know the person has been out there networking with authors and editors and is taking steps to hone his/her writing skills. We probably even had a conversation where I was able to share what I’m looking for in a Heartsong. That definitely puts a proposal at a higher spot in my stacks.

I’m bummed that I won’t be at the conference in September, but when I’m holding my tiny baby, I know I’ll be glad I stayed home. :) I do hope to see you in 2008, though!

I was thrilled to meet Liz Curtis Higgs at last year's conference.


Mary Connealy said...

JoAnne, I missed meeting you last year because I couldn't go...because of my daughter. And now this year I'm going and I'll miss you because of YOUR baby.
And that is just LIFE. And it's a great life. God bless you and your little baby.

Ane Mulligan said...

We'll miss you, JoAnne, but you enjoy that baby! Next year will be soon enough. As for me, I can't wait till September!!!

Mary Connealy said...

What's happened to the Heartsong Presents website? I check it daily, excited for the day Golden Days appears. It hasn't worked for a ocuple of days

Robin Caroll said...

Hi, JoAnne, will miss you, but what a blessing of that new baby! We'll look forward to seeing you next year!