Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Short Reads

For those of you who love short reads, you'll be glad to hear about the March and April releases among Barbour's newly-written novella collections.

Four women looking for relief from their difficult life situations find comfort and freedom through the written word. Whether it’s in a song, a fortune cookie, a Post-It Note, or an e-mail, their paths lead them to a greater peace and ultimately love. Love Letters was penned by Mary Davis, Kathleen E. Kovach, Sally Laity, and Jeri Odell. (This collection is a blend of historical and contemporary settings.)

Four women during Arizona's Old West days have been marked as spinsters with little to no chance of getting married. Against the backdrop of working with a local orphanage, these women have a chance to turn public opinion about their marital worth. The Spinster Brides of Cactus Corner was written by Frances Devine, Lena Nelson Dooley, Vickie McDonough, and Jeri Odell


Paula said...

I read Love Letters because I bought it first thing from my dear friend, Kathy Kovach. I'm a huge fan of hers! But I enjoyed all the stories. Nice light reading for a quiet night when you just need to relax.

Mary Connealy said...

Speaking of short reads I teach GED and I take my Heartsongs (I save some for my own collection) to class and let anyone take them who wants. I take lots of different books but the Heartsongs go fast. I always feel like they reach for them because they're short and look easy to read--considering many of my students are in class because they have reading problems, that makes sense. A lot of Heartsong authors might be pleased to know these are going to a good home.