Tuesday, January 9, 2007

WE HAVE A WINNER! (And no, we're not talking FOOTBALL!)

Mary Connealy won with her guess of ANNIE TIPTON. Annie is one of our two editorial assistants (along with Connie Troyer) and she turned the big TWO-FIVE yesterday. (insert deep sigh.) Oh, to be young again. You can catch a glimpse of the maskless Annie in action by scrolling down to the YouTube post on Romancing America. Annie is on the left side of the screen. (Ashley Schrock, our graphic artist, is the perky brunette.)

Congratulations, Mary! E-mail me (sdowns@barbourbooks.com) your preferred book along with your address and I'll fire it off to you ASAP.

You might be interested in seeing a list of our Editorial/Production Team Members:

Jason Rovenstine is our Editorial/Design Vice-President. That means all of us who deal with words or art answer to him.

David Applin is Vice President of Production. He oversees the nitty-gritty details of print run schedules and the like. Under David is Marilyn Luyster, our Production Manager.

Paul Muckley is Editorial Director working chiefly with non-fiction projects.

Kelly Williams is Senior Managing Editor. Although most of her direct responsibilities involve non-fiction projects, she conducts the weekly scheduling meeting and keeps us all slaves to the various deadlines.

Rebecca Germany, as most of you are well aware, is our Senior Editor over Romance and Women's Fiction. JoAnne and I answer directly to Becky.

JoAnne Simmons is Managing Editor of Heartsong Presents romance book club.

Susan Downs (that's me) is Managing Editor of Heartsong Presents--MYSTERIES! the new cozy mystery book club.

Annie Tipton and Connie Troyer are our Editorial Assistants and basically do all the dirty work of book production, keeping projects running smoothly through the editing pipeline and churning out error-free content.

Sharon Dean and Yolanda Chumley comprise our Desktop Editorial section. . .i.e., typesetting.

(I believe it was Paige Dooly who guessed Wilma Teal. Wilma is no longer a part of the Barbour editorial team, nor is Michele Clay, who many of you worked with over the years. A couple of other guesses included Karen Miller and Mary Burns. . . but neither of these Barbour team members are in the editorial/production department. Karen Miller is the Direct Marketing Manager and Mary Burns is the Marketing Vice-President.)

On the artsy side, we've got:

Robyn Martins, Creative Director, and Catherine Thompson, Production Design Coordinator with Ashley Schrock as our in-house graphic artist.

In addition to these in-house team members, we work with a host of freelance copy editors and proofreaders too numerous to list here.

I may have just muddied the waters even more, but hopefully this overview puts "skin" on a few of the names you've seen floating around.



Mary Connealy said...

I never win ANYTHING.
You mean I can pick any book?
SWEET. I didn't get to the ACFW Conference and ever since I've been meaning to get my hands on Janice Thompson's The Wedding Caper. I'd like that one please.
And by the way, Susan, the big buckeye CLUE that hints our mystery guest is from Ohio--where Barbour is -- was, as I'm sure you knew when you used it, no help!

Susan said...


THE WEDDING CAPER is on its way to you! (I have your address in my files already, so no need to e-mail it to me.)

Enjoy. . .after a proper period of mourning over our Buckeyes' loss to Florida last night, that is!


Rhonda said...

Congratulations Mary!!!

Thanks Susan for posting the Barbour's Editoral/Production Team. I found it interesting to see who does what.

Tiff/Amber Miller said...

Congrats, Mary.

And I echo Rhonda's thanks. New to the Barbour team of authors, I'm learning a lot real fast! :)

Btw, LOVE the ticking clock on the sidebar. Might have to get one for my web site and blog.