Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Busy Day

It is after 5:00 and I should be headed home, but I still haven't blogged. One of those work related resolution/goals is to not miss a blog day. But why did I have to draw Wednesdays? It must be the busiest of the week.

My day:
  • Woke up feeling ill and got here late (9:30)
  • Worked on an issue received through email
  • Meeting with fiction editors
  • Gathered 4 pages of notes and facts for a meeting
  • Lunch with the girls
  • Printing and photocopying notes
  • Meeting of the whole editorial team
  • Meeting with my two superiors about what tools I need to better do my job in acquiring full-length fiction in 2007
  • Typing up notes from the meetings

I wanted to read a manuscript today, but never touched it. I wanted to reply to 2 proposals today, but didn't even open the emails. I wanted to return a phone call, but missed the window of connection.

Anyone else ever feel helpless when you set goals for a day but have other things swoop in and demand your attention away from them? Before you know it, all the hours of the day are gone.

There is always tomorrow. . .

Here's wishing you time to reach your goals.



Lynette Sowell said...

Oh, definitely! I think I have lists of lists. :)

My dh has a song he likes to do with the children's church kids:
"Hi, My Name is Joe." Poor Joe works in a button factory and has to turn buttons, first with right hand, left hand, etc. Every time his boss asks if he's busy, Joe says "Nooo." Finally after he's turning a button with his head he says, "Yes." And the song ends. :) Were it always so easy! (off to tackle my list...)

Kristy Dykes said...

Thanks for your post, B. Gives us lots of insight into an editor's day.

I love this blog!

Rhonda said...

Becky hope you are feeling better. Thanks for showing us a glimps into your day. And yes, I have felt frustrated at the end of the day. Lists are a big part of my life somedays everything gets checked off but not always. Hang in there! Praying for full health today.

Rhonda said...
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Mary Connealy said...

Sorry you're sick, Becky. I noticed your birthday is in March, mine too, we're practically birthday twins, except for the TWENTY YEARS I've got on you.
Hang in there. Winter and sick just seem to go together. And having to keep working so hard while you're sick, well, blah!

jackie Layton said...

Do you have on your list drink plenty of liquids, vitamin C and get plenty of rest? I hope you get feeling better soon.

Becky said...

I don't have a cold (had that before Christmas), just a worn out feeling. To feel better I know I should just get back into healthier habits. Simple. Ha!

Plan to start back at my wellness clinic next week and do a cleanse.


eileen said...

Aha! I caught you in time BEFORE the wellness clinic. So, eat chocolate alllllll weekend in preparation. I'm sure it's a requirement.

And on my to catch up on blogs! Sheesh. Where does the time go?

Mary Connealy said...

I've got a question, Becky. Brace yourself. :)
I'll ask here because I thought others might find it interesting.
My first book, Petticoat Ranch, comes out in February. I've got my very first booksigning (four different stores in towns surrounding Minneapolis, February 9, 10, 11.
I'll be coming back to ask for prayers for that at the time. :) I assure you!!!!!!!!!!!!

The store knows, that too early for them to have Petticoat Ranch?
How soon do books with a February release date get to the stores? Do the stores have to order them specially?
Several authors will be there, least among them me; Susan May Warren, Judy Baer, Sharon Hinck, Susie Larson, Jill Nelson and Cyndy Salzmann. Cyndy's the one who brought me in, through CAN (the Christian Authors Network)
Here's a link that tells more about the signing, you'll notice I'm not mentioned, because I'm not doing a workshop. (I say that to sooth my ego)®ionid=1259

I just want to make SURE there will be books there on time.
Should I trust to the stores? Should I contact the stores? I've got contact info on three of them.
Should I contact...YOU, Becky?

Mary 'the pest' Connealy
--Who promises to know everything really, really soon.

Becky said...

BOOK RELEASES and BOOK SIGNINGS -- In most cases, a store should receive their books the last week of the month prior to the advertised release month. PETTICOAT RANCH is in our warehouse now (though I haven't seen a copy yet). As long as each store placed an order, it should be processed and received in time for the signings.

The group signing sounds like fun, especially since you are new this type of thing.

Mary Connealy said...

Fun? Really? You promise?

Pam Hillman said...

Goals? Lists? Ugh! Hope you're feeling better soon, Becky.

And, Mary, I can't wait to get my hands on Petticoat Ranch!