Monday, December 4, 2006

Passing on the Potluck

Due to my husband's present ministry assignment as a district superintendent, every Sunday, we worship in a different church somewhere across East Ohio. David typically preaches. Then, more often than not, after the service we share a potluck dinner with the congregation. In the past five years my husband has served in this role, I believe I've gained about forty pounds. I blame potluck dinners for this added and most unwelcome girth. Something's gotta give.

Yesterday was no exception to my Potluck Predicament. As the church-declared "honored guests" of the day, David and I were ushered to the head of the line and expected to fill our plates while everyone else watched to make sure we tried the dish they brought. Even when I adhere to my self emposed one-spoonful-per-item rule, one plate is never enough to hold the multiple choices of cheesy potato casseroles, the plethora of pasta salads, the melee of meat dishes. . .not to mention a dessert deluge--with enough collective sugar to induce a hyperglycemic coma.

I hate to disappoint any of the church's culinary saints, but I simply can't keep up this potluck pace. I must learn to "just say no. "

I hate to disappoint authors, too. The one (and only) part of my job I thoroughly dislike is that of issuing rejections. I wish I had the resources to acquire every good submission that comes across my desk. Alas, there is a limit to the number of manuscripts I can acquire--even good ones. I simply can't afford the luxury of gluttony in regards to food OR manuscripts. When my slate is full to overflowing, I must force myself to say no to even the most delectible literary treats. Please try to understand if I must pass on your contribution to the publishing pot. And cheer me on as I strive to shake a few of these potluck pounds!


Mary said...

Your post was a nice look at an editor's daily struggle. Also it made me hungry!

Mary Connealy said...

I just figured out why my name is mary here but was Mary Connealy in an earlier post. I have two identities! Not unlike Wonder Woman.

Rhonda said...

Hi Susan, I too battle the weight problem and can sympathize with you. It's hard to lose weight but you have the right idea of creating portion controls. Think how much weight you'd have gained had you sampled larger portions. Keep at it, the weight will fall off.

As for the rejections, we authors hate them but know they are a part of the business. So don't let them weigh you down or cause you to stress eat.

eileen said...

Such a dilemma! Forced eating. And under such watchful eyes. The role of pastor's wife is is the role of editor. I think you need a chocolate break.

S. Dionne Moore said...

Cheering you on in your weight loss . . . and sending you some chocolates for an early celebration for reaching that goal. Hey, some things you've got to take by faith.