Friday, December 1, 2006

Office Nuts

A friend left me a voicemail a couple of weeks ago telling me about this contest on a radio station that I listen to during part of my daily commute.

I’m goi
ng to enter our office. Here are a few reasons why:

  • While Paul took a vacation day yesterday to celebrate his birthday, some merry “elves” said “Happy Birthday, Mr. Scrooge!” by spreading some early Christmas cheer throughout his office with wrapping paper, bows, tinsel, and other festive trimmings.
  • On my birthday a couple months ago, I arrived at work to find that everything that possibly could be was turned upside down—my desk chair, calendars, candy dish, knickknacks, and every single book on my shelves, including over 300 Heartsongs! I have yet to get them all turned right-side-up….
  • On her birthday, Emily from marketing discovered a white-out in her cubicle—made of layers and layers of toilet paper.
  • Michele was “foiled” on her birthday. Everything in her cubicle was wrapped in aluminum foil.
  • When our not-so-animal-crazy assistant managing editor, Annie, was on vacation for a week, we bought her a little stuffed dog and named him Pedro. We hoped Pedro might help Annie discover a hidden love for pets. Then we filled Annie’s cube with all the essential accessories for a first-time pet owner: a puppy bed, food and water dishes, chew toys, even a training pad complete with a Mountain Dew puddle and…uh…something else (made from a very “realistic” looking mixture of apple butter and flour. Ew!).
  • Thanks to a great idea by Peterson Ink, I have a U.S. map on my wall that helps keep track of what state settings I need to fill. If you look closely at the map you will also see a cutout image of a man’s face that frequently moves from state to state—sometimes even into southern Canada or northern Mexico! The face is “Kirkio”, (no relation to Fabio), and he travels the U.S. creating exciting plots for Heartsongs. “Kirkio” has also appeared on a mock cover of a Heartsong, along with his true love, Kelly, our Senior Managing Editor.
Now, if you're wondering how we get any work done with all this office nuttiness, let me assure you that we do! We work hard, but we work harder and better when we have a little fun mixed in, too. So remember, when writers’ block sets in and your deadline is looming, you might just need to take a break (A short one, of course. Please don’t miss your deadline!). Enjoy a laugh. Relieve some stress. Then return to your work with a lighter heart, renewed energy, and your creative juices flowing.

Oh yeah, and keep your fingers crossed that we win the contest. I sure am...but only for the fame and glory that will ensue.

I don't really like nuts. :P

Our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of joy. . . . The LORD has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy. Psalm 126:2–


Ane Mulligan said...

How fun! When I took a vacation from my job as a medical office manager, the gang had my office draped in cobwebs - everywhere. It's good to lighten up the atmosphere now and then. :)

I like the pet one best!

eileen said...

mybad..Just now catching up on blogs this weekend! Sounds like things are right on target with y'all. LOL

Enjoy the tinsel, music, shopping and chocolate at this time of year! You all deserve any fun you can get.

Cathy West said...

From the sounds of it, I think your office has a good chance of winning that contest!!

Mary Connealy said...

You can't know how jealous I am if this. I am a GED Instructor, with no real co-workers. I have my students of course we don't exactly hang out. I'd love an office that was a community.
Mary Connealy

Annie said...

We do have fun, don't we? :)