Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Today's Rant

I confess. . .I hate double-spaced anything. It is too hard to read. On screen there is too much scrolling. On paper it takes up too many pages. I don't generally do the line by line kinds of edits on paper these days where I need the space for making editing marks and notes. So double spacing is just annoying. At least most authors have gotten the message to single space their summaries, and thankfully electronic documents let me change line spacing--even margins, font, type size, etc.--to my own liking with just a couple clicks.

Rant now over. LOL


Susan Page Davis said...

For the last two years or so, I've been sending my manuscripts to Barbour single-spaced in 11-point type. Not sure if it was you or Joanne who started me doing that, but it was a relief. I also don't make a page break between chapters, and I put the chapter heading and first lines of sections flush left. Lots easier! And I know one of you said using [sb] instead of ### between sections helped you. I think the Barbour editors are savvy. Anything else you'd like to see in formatting, Becky and Joanne? We aim to please!!

Jennifer Johnson said...

Becky, that is too funny. :) We've been raised since birth (practically) to double-space. I admit I still do it. I can't read if it's not double-spaced. I make all my students do it. :) However, I'm with Susan. I aim to please. I tell my students to double-space because it's easiest for me. I want to do what is easiest for you and JoAnne. :)

Beth Loughner said...

I must be the slow one, because I'm still double-spacing my manuscripts. It's easier for me to read on the computer, but I thought it was every editor's dream to have authors format this way.

I've been single-spacing the synopsis and chapter-by-chapter (I love them so much...) segments for years, but somehow missed the switch for the manuscript.

So, I'm with Susan. Give us the new run down on how you wish to have our manuscripts formatted.....before the ACFW conference, if possible. :-)

Becky said...

What Susan is doing works great for me. I always hesitate to rock the boat and create confusion by asking authors to change the standard to please me. Selecting all and changing to single spacing works fine for me. Though we are working on updating guidelines, which will likely include a note about single spacing being fine.

Consistent treatment of chapters and scene breaks does make life easier for the typesetters.

If I accidentally transfer something to my Kindle reader that is double spaced, it drives me nuts trying to navigate through it.

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