Friday, August 6, 2010

Feedback Friday

A really nice card came for Jennifer Johnson that I thought I'd share here on Feedback Friday. I, too, love when authors seem to have great insight into human nature and can create wonderful, realistic, relatable characters.

Dear Jennifer,

I wanted to send a note to tell you how much I enjoyed reading Picket Fence Pursuit. What a lovely and sweet story about Kylie and Ryan. You have great insight about human nature with all its ups and downs. I laughed and cried, too. It was hard to put the book down.



Barbara Curtis said...

For Feedback Friday, I just wanted to share finding a Barbour book in an unexpected place. Yesterday we happened upon a tiny one-room schoolhouse-turned-into-a-town-museum near the town where Fannie Crosby grew up. Upon walking in, right away I spotted a book titled "Fannie Crosby." The curator handed it to me as she spoke, and I spotted Barbour's imprint on it! Out of all the Fannie Crosby books they could have displayed, they had Barbour's! Not only that, they were also selling them there. So you never know where your books will end up or whose lives they'll touch!

Erica Vetsch said...

What great feedback, and so encouraging.

And how fun about the Fannie Crosby books.

Jennifer Johnson said...

Thank you for posting this, JoAnne. It blessed my heart! :)