Friday, May 7, 2010

Feedback Friday

Since Janet Spaeth was our guest blogger on Monday, I thought it was very timely that I received some great feedback for her book The Ice Carnival this week. A reader named Rosemarie said this:

"I recently finished reading The Ice Carnival by Janet Spaeth. I absolutely loved it. It had all the elements I find enjoyable in a book. I have read Heartsong Christian books for a long time and find all of them good. I especially like the historical stories. But I must admit The Ice Carnival was my favorite. I told my sister about it and loaned it to her to read. I warned her to return it , or ELSE!"

I think that's a good goal for every Heartsong. Let's make them all such great stories that you'll threaten any borrower who doesn't return them to your book collection. LOL!

Happy Friday!


Erica Vetsch said...

What great feedback. I have a few books like that...ones I'm loathe to loan out because they've touched me so much that I would hate to lose them.

Beth Loughner said...

Congratulations, Janet. It's great when someone likes your book so much they guard it. :-)

Ronie Kendig said...

What great feedback! Congrats, Janet!

Janet Spaeth said...

I have to confess that I am overwhelmed by this!

Credit where credit is due: Without all the editorial eyes (and there are are six of them--um, three editors, you know) looking at the manuscript, The Ice Carnival wouldn't have been *anybody's* favorite. Thank you to JoAnne, and Rachel, and Margie, for encouraging me to write this into the best story I could, and nudging me when I was falling short of it.

Now, to finish up the next manuscript, which keeps asking me, Will someone love me as much as Rosemarie loved The Ice Carnival?

I pray it will!