Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snowed Under!

The workload comes in mounds as usual, but what I want to talk about is real SNOW!

This is the snowiest February that I can recall for a long time. Our snow pack is a couple feet deep, and we are finishing up a storm that is dumping 6-8 inches. I need boots that go up past my knees.

The picture is my mother's shitzu pup in a rather cleared area. If she goes out in the open yard we can easily lose her in the snowdrifts.

It is said that being snowed in does crazy things to you. I have a friend who has been talking nonsense about moving to Alabama. Yesterday she channeled her restlessness into cleaning out the kitchen. The day before it was the boys' room. Not sure what job she is tackling today.

Most winters I have a project going like a scrapbook or a quilt, but this year has simply been animal husbandry. It takes a lot of time, but even though the animals are quite literally cooped in, I'm seeing a good crop of eggs (enough to put some in the incubator for hatching) and a good return of babies naturally.

My 4 rabbits quickly multiplied to 21 two weeks ago when both of my does had litters. I lost only one baby but gained two more rabbits from a friend (another pregnant doe), so my rabbit total sits at 22.

Spring is in the air despite another predicted snowstorm for next Monday. Its almost time for me to start seeds for the garden. And the next thing to complain about will be mud.

So how are you doing during the winter doldrums? Are you snowed in? Do you have a project that you are working hard on? Are you feeling down or inspired?


Carrie Turansky said...

Wow, all those animals sound like a fun ways to keep busy in the winter. We have bunnies too! Two sweet pets that we enjoy very much. We also have four birds, a cockatiel and three budgies. They do brighten up our days. We also feed the wild birds and enjoy watching them.

The Write Life said...

I can't really complain here in Florida though it is cold for us. I wanted to go walk at the beach today since it was sunny and told the kids to get ready.

We stepped out and it was 33 degrees! BRRR. It snowed about 45 minutes inland of us on Friday, first time in over a decade.

We (my 14 and 15 yod's and I) still took the six-year-old and our 2 one-year-olds to the park for awhile, but we were glad to get home.

We have 3 rescued dogs from Missouri--2 tiny affenpincher's and a blue-heeler--who refused to go out in the cold on Friday. I reminded them they were Missouri dogs and shouldn't be affected by the cold, but they didn't care. Missouri has been hit hard, too.

My parents have been trying to get us to move back, but I think I'll stick with Florida for now.

Paige Dooly

Beth Loughner said...

It's time to take down the "Let it Snow" banner now. Like Becky, we are getting some unusual snow totals in Central Ohio for this month and about to break a 1910 record for the most snow in February. But I sympathize with Paige. Someone needs to have warm weather in case we want a quick escape vacation. :-)

I love your animals, Becky. Those rabbits really do multiply fast. How wonderful to have fresh eggs every day. And you're right, it will be time for gardening soon. The seeds arrived 3 weeks ago and it will be time to set up the grow lights. Now all we need to do is "find" the garden under the two feet of snow.

At least I'm getting all kinds of exercise with the shovel. Today, it's time to clean off my desk so I can write.



CatMom said...

I'm a few days behind but had to comment about the rabbits!! So cute! ~ We have one dwarf rabbit, one cockatiel, and six cats (who keep wanting to "visit" the bird and rabbit, but Mom won't let them, LOL). Blessings, Patti Jo