Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The McCord Sisters

The McCord family is so special that readers--and the author--want to be a part of it.

"The characters became so real to me that when my dog had a problem, I founds myself wanting to ask Elyse McCord how to handle it," says Christine Lynxwiler.

Cowgirl at Heart by Christine Lynxwiler

Elyse McCord has tried to put the past behind her. But even in the safety of her adoptive family, this dog whisperer is afraid of her own shadow. Unless a canine is being cruelly treated. Then Elyse’s hackles rise, leading her into volatile situations. Can anything—or anyone—keep her safe? Rescuing Elyse from a pistol-wielding maniac, Andrew Stone finds his damaged heart picking up a beat. Can he put aside his lust for avenging the murder of his wife long enough to start a new life? Or will he and Elyse forever be damaged goods, unable to forgive, unable to love?


Barbara said...

Oh, that's so funny that this book is featured today. I JUST saw it on CBD and ordered it this morning! I met Christine at one of the Barbour Michigan booksignings last summer and had gotten the first McCord Sisters book (autographed) there. So I was very excited to see the next one out already.

Aaron McCarver said...

But, Chris, I want to be a McCord, too. Surely you'll let me join with you! Another great book from Chris in a wonderful series. Don't miss it!

Carrie Turansky said...

I enjoyed the first book in the series and will look forward to reading this one!

Christine Lynxwiler said...

Barbara and Carrie, Thanks SO much for the encouragementr AND for buying the book! :) Aaron, remember the oldest McCord brother is Aaron? He and his wife Bree are houseparents at a boys' home in inner city Chicago. So in a way, you already are a McCord! Thanks for being such a great copyeditor!

Shannon Taylor Vannatter said...

I read books in between my writing projects. I just read The Reluctant Cowgirl a few weeks back. Next met deadline, I'll read this one. Looking forward to it and I love dogs. I love Chris' characters.