Monday, January 18, 2010

Guest Blogger Pamela Griffin

Once upon a time I wrote my first novel. From that novel, new characters were born and demanded their own stories, and from those stories still other characters came and desired equal time. And so the cycle continued. Sound strange?

Such is the life of a writer.

I never dreamed the Titanic/New York series would go beyond the original two books I’d planned, ending with In the Secret Place. But letters from readers asking for more, and my own desire to continue didn’t abate—to write of the cockney, brash but loveable Darcy. . .the Lyonses who run a reform school at their farm, which is more like a children’s home, each new addition becoming part of the family. . .the Thomas brothers, alike in appearance but poles apart in behavior—and let’s not forget Eric, the reformed villain of the entire bunch, whose story showed that God loves and forgives all who turn to Him, no matter the crime.
But sadly, all things must come to an end. And so, with my next series, I will conclude this family’s legacy story through the next generation. The beginning of that end started with A Bridge Across the Sea featuring Peter & Missy—both who’d been children who appeared in my first novel set on the ill-fated Titanic. With the last three upcoming books, set in 1930s Connecticut, I will bring to full circle the tales of the loves and losses, the triumphs and tragedies involving the Lyonses, the Thomases, the Fontaines, and more.
This month in In Search of a Memory, read about the escapades of Angel & Roland, (one of the notorious Piccoli clan), as she searches at a traveling carnival for her missing mother, Lila, long thought dead.
Later, revisit two beloved characters from Lyons’ Refuge, children who grew up there—the rapscallion Joel, a favorite of mine, and Clemmie, the girl who always loved him, in In Search of a Dream.
And finally, reunite with the whole clan one last time as fantasist Hannah Thomas learns a wise lesson in judgment, involving the shrewd and charming Eric Fontaine Jr. in In Search of Serenity.
I love to research, (when the materials are easily found! lol) and this series was no exception. For the first book of this trio, among my sources of research I had the pleasure of interviewing the owner of a family-owned circus that came to our town, much like the carnival setting I used in Angel & Roland’s story. I learn so much through my writing and research, and it’s always exciting to discover little known facts, many of which I sprinkle throughout my books.
Though the “search” for love will conclude with these three, it is my hope that their stories will live on inside your hearts, though they are just fiction, and will touch each and every one who reads the tales, bringing them closer to the true Author of Love.
I also want to take this opportunity to thank all my wonderful readers for your letters of encouragement and praise. Especially knowing what a help my stories were to many of you has cheered me immensely. Postage being what it is today, I can no longer respond to each of you as I wish to, but know that in my heart I appreciate every one of you. Thank you for your kindness and support over the years. Sometimes your words were just the incentive I needed to keep writing, as I experienced my own storms, tests, and trials. God bless you all!
~Pamela Griffin


nightsmusic said...

Pamela! :D

Though it makes me sad to know this series is coming to an end, I have no doubt your next will be just as exciting. You have a wonderful way of bringing your characters to life and I will miss them.

You are a light in my life every day, my friend. God blessed me immeasurably when He brought you into my life.

Now, WRITE woman! LOL

Anonymous said...

I am new to Ms. Griffin's stories but they are among my favorites already. And now I see in this blog more titles to add to my steadily growing pile of books to read LOL! When people "cram" for exams, they often lose the info just as quickly afterwards, it just doesn't "stick". But stories stick with us, cuz they speak to our hearts/souls.

I think thats why Jesus used stories to teach others about God's love/mercy and I appreciate Ms. Griffins stories that teach about hope, healing, and becoming “ a new creation in Christ”. Keep up the great work!

Pamela Griffin said...

Dear Anonymous - I'm delighted to know that my stories blessed you. And I agree with what you said - Jesus used hidden parables to teach, and one reason I believe He did so, among others, is because people tend to listen more closely and receive it when truth is exposed in a tale or as one or even as a mystery to be solved. We follow His example and try to do likewise with the books we write.

Thank you for your sweet words. I hope my stories continue to touch your heart. :)


Nightsmusic. . .Theo, thank you so much, for more than I can relate here. It would take pages and pages. You have done so much to encourage me through the years, to keep me going when the weight of the world exhausted me and tempted me to quit. You're a wonderful friend, critique partner, and writer! :)

And, yes - with 2 book deadlines at hand, believe me, I AM writing! lol But thanks for the nudge. ;-) You're always there when I need you and I hope I can always do and be the same for you.


God bless all. To HIM be the glory! And never forget, He is always there for you and with you. :D