Friday, December 11, 2009

Feedback Friday

My favorite feedback of the week came in a comment on the feedback form for Red Like Crimson by Janice A. Thompson. A reader named Shirley said, "This book had a greater lesson on God's forgiveness than I have ever heard in a church."

Wow, that sure made me think about the power of story. Even though characters and plot might be fictional, the real-life lessons they convey can leave lasting impact on our readers.


Janice Thompson said...

I'm so glad that "Red Like Crimson" resonated with readers. And what a wonderful comment from that reader! Thank you for sharing it!

Carman said...

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Rachel Overton said...

Mmmmm,I remember working on "Red Like Crimson." If I remember correctly, it was one of the first books I content-edited for Heartsong, and I loved it. I agree with your feedback--its message was strong and clear. Unmistakable, in fact, and yet it didn't overpower the story and turn it into a sermon. That was impressive.I also remember commenting that I thought the book would touch hearts...and it has. Isn't it an honor to be involved in such an awesome form of ministry? God is so good--He uses every talent given over to Him--and blesses us in the giving.