Monday, November 2, 2009

Guest Blogger Angie Brillhart, Publicist for Barbour Publishing

I know that many of you would like to know a few tips about marketing your books, so here is my informal attempt to answer a few of your questions. Besides bothering Becky and JoAnne for lots of things, I deal with media and author relations, coordinating promotional materials for authors and book signings, developing and implementing new publicity campaigns with Barbour’s marketing team, and working with blog tour alliances for book promotion.

A lot of times, authors ask me what they can do to help promote their books. I love that because book publicity is always more effective when the publicist and author are able to work closely together. One of the most important things I can suggest to an author is to keep blogs and websites as up to date as possible. That might seem like general advice, but it’s so important! Whenever I send out press releases, I always like to include the author’s website to draw attention to the author and his or her other books. But, if the media visit a site for more information and things are out of date, the wrong info gets published….not good for anyone.

It’s also important to think about who would be the most interested in your book, whether it’s church libraries, public libraries, individual readers, library book clubs, etc. Make sure that these organizations or individuals receive a notice or postcard when your book releases. It doesn’t hurt to make sure these contacts are also aware of any book signings or events you might be doing.

I do highly recommend book signings as a means of book promotion. Not only are you able to mingle with readers and customers, but they develop your relationship with the bookstore staff. If you’re able to secure a signing, there are several things you can do to help with your success. For instance, talk with the store to find out if they are contacting the local media about your signing. If they don’t do it, you should. Contact information for local media (at least the main local newspaper and/or radio station) can usually be found online. Also, make sure your events are listed clearly on your website and consider creating an author page on where you can interact with readers or on a site like, which will email registered individuals when you are doing events in their areas. If possible, have something to give away at your signing table, even if it’s as simple as a piece of candy. If you can get people to stop by your table for a second look, you have better chances of selling a book. If you have an author newsletter or mailing list, make sure you have a signup sheet available at your signing table too.

I really enjoy connecting with many of you on Facebook or Twitter. If you’re not on either one, I would suggest that you create an account. Social media is so important that almost every one of our publicity campaigns now has to involve social media to some extent. It helps you reach so many more people with your writing.

Be sure to look up Barbour’s marketing department on Twitter at @BarbourBuzz. We’d love to connect with you! Feel free to comment on this post or ask a question. I’ll try my best to answer!


thevoice said...

Thanks so much for your time and information. I'm working on beautifying my site.

Lisa Faye Harman said...
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Lisa Faye Harman said...

Thanks for a peek into publicity at Barbour.

Anonymous said...

Hi Angie--just wanted to drop by and say a quick 'hi.'

Some great advice here--I'm going to print it off and keep it in my marketing file for when I get the 'call.'

Patty Smith Hall

Carrie Turansky said...

Hi Angie, thanks for these good tips! I appreciate all you do to promote Barbour authors.
Carrie Turansky

Erica Vetsch said...

Thank you, Angie, for all you do to help promote Barbour books. And thank you for advice re author promotions.

Jean Fischer said...

Hi, Angie.

Thanks for the great advice. I'm looking forward to helping Barbour promote the Camp Club Girls series.

Pepper Basham said...

thanks for sharing, Angie.
It's great to know tips to help promote one's work, or in my case to 'be prepared' in the hopes that someday I CAN promote my work :-)


Vickie McDonough said...

Hi Angie!

Thanks for these greats tips and for your willingness to help Barbour authors.

Mary Connealy said...

Hi, Angie.

I now have (follow the bouncing ball) my blog load to twitter which loads to Facebook. All automatice. So one blog post both on my personal blog, which mainly just contains Mary News (gag) and my Seekerville blog, goes to Twitter with a link, then Twitter loads to Facebook (I said that before but, as with all circles, it's hard to know when to stop once you get to going around)

My blog also loads autmatically to my Amazon page. So, it's a little hard to get started (I'd be glad to give you advice, but that often leads to disaster so be AFRAID) but once you are it's pretty easy.

Did you know, for example that when Twitter asks for an RSS feed from your blog, you find it at the very bottom of your blog and it's called Posts (Atom)
If you click on Posts(Atom) it'll reveal your RSS Feed link. Don't ask me why Twitter doesn't ask for your Posts (Atom)

btw Angie, is this blog loading automatically to Barbour's Twitter page?
If not go to and follow the directions.
and Edit Cafe's RSS feed is:

Mary Connealy said...

I found you and am now following barbourbuzz. Cool. :)