Friday, November 20, 2009

Feedback Friday

Today's feedback came by email from a Heartsong reader named Barbara. She wrote:

"Hello, I want to say that I recently read Beacon of Love by Darlene Franklin and appreciated her writing. The faith expressed was genuine. I favored it very much over some of the contrived moralistic dialogue I've read in other books. The knowledge that in a relationship with the Trinity, God communicates vividly through His Word and through hymns/praise music into our thoughts. The Holy Spirit is gentle. This was portrayed realistically, without attitude. The plot and characters were strong and believable to my mind. My daughter is a member of Heartsong. I live with her. She shares her books and we have passed them along where we can. Thank You."

I tell authors to be sure to have your spiritual theme for the book planned as you begin to write. I sometimes see spiritual themes that do seem contrived, as if a couple scripture and a prayer were thrown in at the end to meet the requirements. Please don't do that. Editors and readers notice! And as you can see from this feedback, they notice when the spiritual theme is developed well! :)

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