Friday, November 6, 2009

Feedback Friday

Here’s my favorite piece of feedback from the last batch of mail I opened. It was a note to Sally Laity for an older Heartsong titled Valiant Heart.

This reader said, "I have read a lot of books and Valiant Heart has to be a favorite. By the way it started I assumed I wouldn't like it and it would be like all other bad books I've read. Was I surprised!" And then she signed off, "Sorry for doubting you."

That made me laugh! I liked this fan’s honesty. So, here’s to surprising our readers. May they always receive a better read than they expected. :)


Lauralee Bliss said...

I just had to share this. I received the most wonderful e-mail last week from a World War II vet who had read Seneca Shadows (HP 783). He had trained at Seneca Rocks in WV (the same scenerio I describe in the book) before being deployed to Normandy. He knew the area well and thanked me for writing the book as it brought back memories. I was both amazed and deeply touched.

Lisa Faye Harman said...

LOL. It suprises me that someone would include that in a letter. Readers don't pull any punches do they?

Erica Vetsch said...

Too funny. And that's a neat story from Lauralee. :)