Friday, September 11, 2009

Unique Weddings

Doug and I celebrated our five year anniversary yesterday, so let’s talk about weddings!

Most of you know that for a while all Heartsongs had to include a wedding scene of some sort to fit our titling plan for the three-in-one collections. With our new collection titles the wedding scenes aren’t absolutely necessary, though an engagement or promise of a wedding is encouraged and wedding scenes are still very welcome. Anyway, I always like to see a unique spin on the wedding scene. I’m not asking for a bunch of bizarre bridal moments or that the wedding be completely nontraditional; I just like to see some unique elements that fit the characters or a unique perspective on the scene to make it more interesting than just a quick description of the dress, vows, and kiss.

Doug and I like to think our wedding was unique. It was a beach wedding in St. Augustine and while those are becoming more and more common, we managed to pull ours off in September 2004 in the midst of one of Florida’s worst hurricane seasons ever. God gave us absolutely perfect weather for our wedding and honeymoon even though a hurricane had hit St. Augustine just a few days before and another was headed their way. It was quite the adventure and we were happy to have about forty close friends and family experience it with us.

Ever since our wedding, Doug and I love to hear of others getting married in a nontraditional way. So we had fun this past August attending two very unique weddings. The first was a completely relaxed event that totally fit this casual, fun-loving couple. Matt and Becki planned an evening, outdoor reception with delicious barbecue fare and melt-in-your mouth chocolate Bundt cake for dessert, and they made sure to have one of their favorite beverages, milk—whole, skim and “real” (meaning straight from the cow)—available to wash it all down if desired. After the reception they had their ceremony, which was at dusk with candles lighting their path to a beautiful arbor where they promised their lives to each other. So beautiful.

The second unique wedding was a 1940s style affair that my friends dubbed their “Bluebird Wedding.” We started out in Coolville, Ohio, where the 50+ guests certainly did not fit inside Ohio’s Smallest Church, so we watched Nikki and Scott say their vows on the beautiful open field right beside it. Then we headed to Marietta, Ohio, to board the Valley Gem Sternwheeler where we enjoyed a delicious dinner, great conversation, and even a magician’s show while we cruised the beautiful Muskingum and Ohio Rivers. The evening ended with cake and dancing back at the historic Lafayette Hotel. So creative, so fun, so appropriate for the cool, artistic people that Nikki and Scott are.

I’ll end with a few pictures from the Bluebird Wedding just a couple weeks ago. Enjoy, and remember that if your hero and heroine are getting married, think about their characters and try to incorporate some unique and interesting elements into their wedding scenes.


Vickie McDonough said...

Congratulations on your fifth anniversary!! That's a great milestone. So cool, too, about your Florida wedding. I went to my nephew's wedding in Sarasota two years ago, and it was lovely.

My husband and I will celebrate 34 years next month. Really hard to believe so many years have passed since our wedding.

I LOVE that tiny church. It's so cute!

Myra Johnson said...

Got you beat, Vickie! We celebrated #37 this year. Ours was a very traditional church wedding, as are most I've attended over the years. I think a beach or outdoor wedding would be so lovely!

And I have to agree, JoAnne, I like to see something special and unique to the couple in the proposal or wedding scene at the end of a romance novel. As with any story ending, I like it to be something that resonates. Not always easy to do, but worth the effort.

Debby Mayne said...

Congrats on your fifth anniversary, JoAnne!

Wally and I got married in St. Petersburg 29 years ago, but we went to St. Augustine for our honeymoon. I love that town!

Carrie Turansky said...

Happy Anniversary, JoAnne! We just celebrated our 31st this past week. I loved hearing about the two weddings you attended. And I'd love to see a photo of you and your husband at your beautiful beach wedding.

We attended a wedding last Sunday in a historic church built in 1867. So lovely, and just about the same date as the novella I am working on. I could just see my characters walking in for the ceremony. : )

Mary Connealy said...

My husband and I have our 33rd coming in January.
I asked him, "Can you believe we've been married this long?"

He said, "Look at how old our kids are, we'd BETTER have been married a long time."