Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September Opens the Christmas Season

I can't believe it is SEPTEMBER already! Where did summer go? Really, where did it go? Our weather was mostly cooler than usual, and my garden never had a great chance. I never went swimming or boating or camping. SIGH

When SEPTEMBER arrives in the publishing world, it marks the start of the Christmas season. By September 1, the Christmas product should be delivered to the stores, and they will be starting to display it.

I thought that through September we'd share a bit of Barbour Christmas product with you. And since I love cookbooks, I'll start with the awesome Simply Christmas Cookbook that we did in a lovely hardback. I'm sure there are over 200 recipes, and the book includes some full color pictures.

Let me share one of the recipes that looks like something I must try.

Easy Gingerbread Cutouts
1 box spice cake mix
3/4 cup flour
2 eggs
1/3 cup oil
1/3 cup molasses
2 tsp ginger
3/4 cup canned cream cheese frosting, warmed slightly
Red hot candies or other small decorative candies

Combine cake mix, flour, eggs, oil, molasses, and ginger. Mix thoroughly. Refrigerate for 30 minutes or until dough is easily handled. Preheat oven to 375 degrees. On a floured board, roll dough to 1/8-inch thickness. Cut with 5-inch cookie cutters that have been dipped in flour. Place 3 inches apart on ungreased baking sheets. Bake for 7 to 10 minutes or until edges are firm and bottom is lightly browned. Cool on wire racks. Decorate with cream cheese frosting and candies.

If you'd like to add this book to your cookbook library, make a comment, including your email address, here by 4pm EST Friday the 4th.


Erica Vetsch said...

Is there anything better than the smell of gingerbread cookies baking? All that ginger-cinnamony-molasses. Makes me want to build snowmen and sing Christmas Carols.

Hard to believe it's Sept. 1st already. We had a rather mild summer ourselves. Parts of the state have already seen frost.

Amy De Trempe said...

Those sound yummmy. I don't cook much in the summer - more grilling and salads. But, once it starts getting cool, like it is now, I start itching to turn on the oven and create something delicious.

Susanne Dietze said...

It may be 105 today where I live, but my thoughts are already turning to autumn and beyond. I'm ready! Please enter me in the drawing.

srdietze [@] sbcglobal [.] net

Edna said...

I need all the help I can get so I really would like to win the cookbook.


Anonymous said...

I love baking Christmas cookies with my twin daughters! Please enter me in the drawing for the Simply Christmas Cookbook.


Renee said...

I love gingerbread cookies and ANYTHING with cream cheese frosting! I'm ssoooo ready for Christmas now and all the yummy (and fattening) food that goes along with it!


Lori (sugarandgrits) said...

mmmmmmh ~ those sound wonderful! I love gingerbread, too!

My sister is the baker in the family ~ I would love to give this cookbook to her.

Thank you for sharing, and I can't wait to see what other "christmas" items you're going to reveal! :)

~ Lori

raspberrygirl said...

I love Christmas cookies! Please enter me for this giveaway.


Allison Family said...

That sounds delicious! I love baking cookies with my kids especially at Christmas. I would love to see the rest of the recipes in the cookbook!

CatMom said...

September is our "family birthday month" - LOL! We have lots of birthdays this month, and then before we know it, Christmas is here! ~ The cookbook sounds wonderful, and that gingerbread cookie recipe is different from the one I usually bake, so thank you for sharing (cannot wait to try this recipe!). Blessings,
Patti Jo

Carrie Turansky said...

Yay! Christmas books are releasing! This looks like a fun cookbook. I love gingerbread cookies!
carrie (at) turansky (dot) com

Lisa Faye Harman said...

I noticed the aisle being filled with holiday items at Wally World this week and couldn't believe it. Temps down in the 40s this week sure makes it seem more real. I don't want summer to be gone yet, but I love the fall and Christmas seasons. I'd love some new recipees for my annual holiday cookie party.

Mary Connealy said...

I haven't had real gingerbread for so long. I can smell it right through my computer monitor. Warm with whipped cream.

Jeanie Smith Cash said...

I Love gingerbread cookies, They're my favorie. The little gingerbread boys and girls are almost too cute to eat. You notice I said almost.:) I just can't resist them, especially warm right out of the oven. Christmas will be here before we know it. Makes me want to build a fire and bake some. The way the weather is going here in Misouri, it'll be cool enough before long.

Lena Nelson Dooley said...

Wow! I just missed the drawing. I would love a copy of this book!!

Lena Nelson Dooley said...

I tried this recipe today. James loves soft ginger cookies. Those are so easy to make, and they tasted wonderful. After they were baked, we decided not to frost them, because he likes them just plain.

Thanks for the recipe.