Friday, June 12, 2009

Toddlers and Editing

Periodically, I skim the subject lines of the ACFW loop emails (I receive the digest format) to try to keep up on things there. I’ve enjoyed reading the Writing with Toddlers topic the last couple days. So, my blog today is about editing with a toddler! I work from home and just go into the Barbour offices two times a month so that I can stay home with Jodi. I am so, so grateful to my managers at Barbour for allowing this. Not every company is so gracious, and I am blessed to work for awesome people who trust me to do a good job with Heartsong while working from home. It’s a privilege I don’t take for granted.

So how do I do it—acquire and oversee 52 books a year for Heartsong Presents while also being a stay-at-home mom? God is awesome, that’s how! He has blessed me with several things that make this possible.

  • I have two wonderful ladies named Nana (my mom) and Grandma (Doug’s mom) who each live just ten minutes away and take turns coming over for a few hours each day to occupy Jodi while I work.
  • I have an amazing husband who understands that I have two full-time jobs and that sometimes when he's home he has to take over full parenting responsibilities while I finish up some work.
  • I have an office that doubles as a play room and a smart little girl who knows that sometimes Mommy is working and she can occupy herself right beside me with the many toys she has.
  • I don’t buy into the “no-TV-before-2-years-old” rule that some “child experts” advise. Sure, I believe in moderation, but if Jodi gets a dose or two of Elmo or Veggie Tales a day, I really don’t think I’m “ruining” her. In fact, I think she has already learned a lot from her DVDs!
  • I take full advantage of every second of naptime!
  • I am very good at disciplining myself and managing my time when it comes to work. In other areas of my life, not so much, but work—yes!
  • I love, love, LOVE my job, and I like to be busy, so that helps keep me disciplined. I can’t imagine being so disciplined if I had a job I didn’t enjoy. I’m sure I would be lazy then!
  • I love the people I work with--Barbour employees, freelancers, and awesome authors. You all are a major part of why I enjoy what I do!
  • I like to think I keep a pretty good balance of giving Jodi the time she needs from me when she needs it but also teaching her that she doesn’t have to have my full attention every second of every day. We’ll see if she agrees once she's grown up or if she’s on Oprah complaining about my horrible parenting style. :)

And of course, it’s not all peaches and cream every day. Sometimes things just don't go as planned or a grandma can’t come over or Jodi isn’t feeling well and needs extra mommy time. And those are the days I have to ask Doug to take over when he gets home or I work at night or on the weekends to get things done. So if you get an email from me between 8 pm and midnight you might guess that it was a hectic day at my house!

I think it’s a God-thing that I’m writing this post today because it’s making me realize yet again how good He is to me. And with some of the dark days I’ve had since losing the baby, I need to count blessings and know that while life is too hard for me alone, nothing is impossible for God and His grace is sufficient for me.

Oh, and one more way that I manage working from home and being a mom is through music-- kids Bible tunes, worship songs, and just silly songs that we listen to and sing together. One of our favorites to sing aloud is “God loves me. God loves me. In my Bible book it says that God loves me. God keeps me. God keeps me. In my Bible book it says that God keeps me.”

He sure does, and I hope that little song encourages you as much as it does me.


Edna said...

You sound as though you have it all in control. I was a stay at home mom and I sewed or made dolls or anything crafty that would give me a little spending money and I handled it all with 4 kids, carring them to school, picking them up, one baby at home and did all the thing little boys like to try as they grow up. I had it all to do, house work, home work running around and everything because my husband had to work so much just to keep us fed and clothed, that he had no other time. But Praise God we came through and have 3 wonderful and successful sons and one daughter that is the main bread winner in her home. We can do all thing through God.


Debby Mayne said...

God has been extremely good to you with a loving family and understanding employer. On the other hand, you're a blessing to everyone you work with, so it goes both ways.

Cara Putman said...

It's wonderful to be blessed to work from home. Abigail got to go to work with me the first year of her life while I worked for a non-profit in DC. Such a blessing. Then I worked part time while Jonathan was small. Now I get to work from home for the most part between teaching, writing and the law work I do. I love how God has allowed both of us to do the things we love from home: be a Mommy and more.

Erica Vetsch said...

I've been following that thread as well, and I don't know how mom's with little ones do it. Mine are teens, and it's busy enough.

I'm glad you get to stay home with Jodi, and that it's working out so well for you. You've got winners in your husband and employer.

Sandie Bricker said...

I think it takes a special personality to be able to work from home and actually make it work. I had my own business for 15 years, and now work as an editor where I just go to the office a couple of times a week. I think organization and time management is key in making it a success. It seems like you have that going for you. Also, remembering the Source of the blessing helps us to stay accountable, and you're definitely doing that as well!

Rachel Overton said...

Yeah, I used to have it under control! For some reason, this summer, I'm having a hard time adjusting to Caitlin being home again now that school's out. She isn't complaining, but I'M making me feel guilty for not spending more time with her. Argghh!!!

Jennifer Johnson said...

Fun posts. It seems like centuries ago since my girls were toddlers.
:( My oldest leaves for college in August. Even with "teenagers and editing," it's a balancing act. I LOVE to be busy, so as long as I focus on Jesus and make sure all I'm doing is what He desires, I can be a wife, raise three teens/preteen, teach 7th graders, and write great stories...but it's ONLY when I'm focused on Him that I do those things correctly. :) :) :)