Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The To-Do List Never Ends!

It's raining here! Started up last night and hasn't really ended yet. Pouring at this moment. I know my garden is going to take a jump. The potatoes will need mounded and the weeds will need hoed.

Inspiration is still not fully flowing in my brain, but at least I'm not staring at a blank computer page today.

I just have this overwhelming "to-do" list that never seems to get smaller. I have to write out my list in detail or I seem to easily lose track of things.

On the plate right now is:
  • prep for large team monthly meeting tomorrow
  • 6 manuscripts ready to be checked before going to the printer
  • 2 new book series contracts to prep
  • 3 or 4 contract addendums to do
  • 2 series of books needing title brainstorm session
  • back cover copy to write that is very late and holding up a team member *sorry*
  • marketing copy packs finalized for Spring 2010 list ASAP
  • send a project to a freelancer
  • catch up on my content reading of manuscripts
  • respond to several agented book proposals
  • find a guest blogger for next Monday (volunteers???)
  • clean out the email box LOL
  • open unsolicited snail mail - NEVER
  • AND finally to find the next big bestseller *grin*

Anyone want to take my seat for a day?

Note to self: Chocolate helps when feeling emotionally down, but sugar and caffeine found in chocolate seem to backfire on a migraine. I don't know when I was as sick as I got on Sunday afternoon! Nuff said.

Oh goody, we are now under tornado warning. Something else to stress over! LOL


Darlene Franklin said...

Becky, I wouldn't mind trading 1 of my unpacking moving days for one of yours ... then we'd probably each go back to our normal routines with gratitude.

Your list does sound daunting. Good luck with it!

Amy De Trempe said...

I am a list person too, but I am exhausted just from reading yours. Good luck and may inspiration strike. Hope the weather lets up.

Erica Vetsch said...

Some days it's like trying to eat an elephant all by yourself, isn't it?

One bite at a time.

Here's to lists, and crossing things off them.

Cara Putman said...

Praying God will multiply your time and show you what needs to be done first!

Mary Connealy said...

Hang in there, Becky. Are you really extra busy or is this just a day in the life?

Business as usual?

Janet Spaeth said...

Love the last item on your to-do list. How hard can THAT be? LOL!

I live with lists but sometimes I think they spell D-O-O-M because when I see how much I have to do, I just want to sit down and veg.

Sandie Bricker said...

In my day job as an editor and content manager, I was asked by my boss to create a workshop on how to stay organized for my ... ummm ... less organized peers. So I created a list of the reasons that list-making is a good thing. :-)

Carry on with your lists, Becky. And if anyone ever tells you it isn't working, I'll give you a list of reasons why they're wrong!

Carrie Turansky said...

Wow...someone give the woman two or three more assistants! That's quite a list. I will pray for you today and ask God to give you strength, wisdom, and energy for all you need to do.
I can relate to that gloomy weather and how that can put a damper on your spirit. We have had so much rain here in NJ this month it is causing flash floods, mold, and mud everywhere. Lord, Please send us all some sunshine.

Becky said...

Hard storm last night, but no funnel cloud.

This list is pretty much an example of the norm, but right now it just seems extra tasking. Everything needs done NOW.

I agree with Janet on the pull to just veg. :)

Debby Mayne said...

Add a nap or two to your to-do list, and you can relax without feeling guilty.