Friday, February 6, 2009

Shedding Tears

My eyes are still watery from cutting up an onion at lunchtime, hence my blog post title today. :) I love the taste of cooked onions, but I hate cutting them up and smelling like them, and I certainly hate crying over them!

Something I don’t mind crying over is a really good book. In my job, I obviously read a lot of Christian romance. And it’s hard for me to read just for fun anymore. I have trouble turning off editor mode to simply enjoy a book without looking for ways to improve it. So it takes a really touching, extremely well written story to get me so caught up that I shed some tears over it. When a Heartsong is so good that it makes me cry, I know it’s one of our best, and I try to make sure to let the author know. I consider my tears over a book a very high compliment, and I hope the author does, too. LOL.

So, what is it about a great story that can make us cry? For me, it’s how well the characters are written. I have to truly connect with a realistic, well developed character for me to care enough to shed any tears—happy or sad—over the events and emotions he/she is going through.
What makes you cry over a book? What’s the last great book you read that made you cry?

Here’s a pic of little one who has made me cry many happy tears just watching her grow and develop. She’s 18 months old today! This is Jodi re-enacting library story time with her baby dolls. This is her new favorite activity--lining them up and "reading" to them.


Annie said...

It takes a lot for me to shed tears (happy or sad) while reading a book. I'm right with you, JoAnne, that I am much more likely to get emotional about characters that are so real, so developed, so true-to-life, that I have a response when something good or bad happens to them.

These are the kinds of characters that I think about when I'm not reading the book. The characters who I think I know personally and who I think I could approach on the street and start up a conversation.

Mary Connealy said...

I always worried that once I started WRITING books I wouldn't so much enjoy reading them, one of my finest pleasure.

So far, no problem :)

CatMom said...

I agree, JoAnne...I must really connect with the character in a story I'm reading to actually shed tears. ~ THANKS for including the precious Jodi pic!! How cute that she "reads" to her baby dolls! Keep enjoying every moment with're already seeing how quickly the time goes!
Blessings, Patti Jo Moore :)

CHickey said...

Same here. Give me emotion I can relate to. That'll choke me up every time.

Becky said...

I know how JoAnne feels. I no longer have time for reading a book that doesn't engage me, and it takes a lot for a story to move me. I absolutely love to be swept away by a story, but unfortunately it just doesn't happen that much anymore. I do blame my editing for scarring my reader eyes.

I did get to see Jody Friday, and she is just a walking doll. Gotta love all that curly hair on a tiny little body. It is also cute to hear her talk.

JoAnne said...

Aw, thanks Becky. We had a fun compliment for Jodi at a restaurant last night. The girl behind the counter said, "She looks like she should be on a one of those little girls with a basket of flowers."

We thought that was cute. :)