Friday, December 19, 2008

Thankful Thoughts from a Heartsong Reader

I was so encouraged by a piece of mail from a Heartsong fan and just wanted to share this with you. This reader sent in the feedback form for the book Deborah by Mildred Colvin. I was glad to see that she enjoyed the book “very much” but what really stood out to me was her response to the question “How has this book inspired your life?” She answered, “Made me appreciate my husband!”

The reader didn’t give details, but I’m glad to know she finished the book with new gratitude for her man. I’m guessing that’s not always the case with readers of romance fiction. It’s pretty easy to start comparing your mate with the hero/heroine of the novel or wish you had more of a storybook romance yourself.

Well, as much as we try to create realistic characters and relationships, fiction is still fiction. Our lives and our relationships are not. Reading romance shouldn’t discourage us or turn us green with envy, but should help us celebrate love as the gift from God that it is. It should make us thankful for the love we do have in our lives and inspire us to love others in better ways, especially a spouse.

Christmas is less than a week away! As you give and receive new gifts this season, don’t get caught up in comparing or wanting something more. Remember—like this reader with her husband— to appreciate the precious gifts you’ve already been given.

Have a Merry Christmas!


Myra Johnson said...

Very timely advice, JoAnne! Whether it's comparing our real-life relationships to the fictional lives of romance characters, or drooling over the Christmas gift someone else got and we didn't, or even for us writers, envying another's success, comparison is a dangerous thing.

May this season remind each of us that God always plans and works for our very best, and may gratitude fill our hearts.

Mary Connealy said...

I spent yesterday doing so last minute shopping with my husband. Bitter cold, we should never have gone out. He drove me to the door and let me off, then drove off and parked where ever, then he'd go get the pick-up and bring it to the door.
Very nice.

Anonymous said...

I'm a little behind on my reading so just read your post today. How encouraging to hear that "Deborah" left such a good impression on a reader!