Thursday, October 16, 2008

Vacation Surplus

Just checking in to say I'm here.

It is nice to come toward the end of the year and find you have several vacation days left. I guess I'm too conservative with them early in the year, afraid to run out. Ha!

Yesterday, I took a vacation day to work on a home project that I'll have to share with you sometime. Next Wednesday (blog day) I'll also be on vacation as I attend a retreat with my mom in North Carolina.

So it isn't that I don't enjoy being with you, but vacations are just taking priority right now. LOL


CatMom said...

Have a safe, fun trip to NC, Becky...and enjoy the time with your Mom! (Hopefully you'll see some lovely autumn leaves while you're there).
Patti Jo :)

Long and Foster said...

I'm the opposite, I always run out of vacation time. In fact the last time I was vactioning in North Carolina I ended up losing pay because I took too many days off. :-(