Friday, October 3, 2008

Bits in Bullets

Here’s a bulleted list with bits of info I’m thinking about on this Friday morning:

  • Many of you asked at ACFW what’s next after the states theme for Heartsong. I’ll reference you back to my post from August 8 again because it’s pretty much the same thing I’d say today plus a little more info on collection titling coming up in bullet number 2.
  • We are still publishing the 3-in-1 collections in our Romancing America line, however, we’ve changed the titling approach and will no longer be using the state name plus “brides” or "weddings” in the title. Now we’re aiming for short titles with romantic words that also represent the state or region of at least one of the stories in the group.
  • Bullet number 2 means that wedding scenes aren’t absolutely necessary in Heartsongs anymore, but of course that doesn’t mean we now want breakup scenes at the end! These are still romance books, and we do want to know that the hero and heroine will have a “happily ever after.”
  • The state settings I’m still open to submissions for are: Contemporary Idaho, North Dakota, Utah, Washington; and Historical Alabama, Connecticut, Georgia, Idaho, Mississippi, New Jersey, South Carolina, Vermont
  • Bullet numbers 1 through 4 are all subject to change, but we’ll keep you posted if they do.
  • I have a HUGE stack of reader mail I’d like get through today. Seems like a good Friday project.
  • Remember how nice and neat my workspace looked in the picture I posted awhile ago? Not so much anymore.

    That's it! Happy weekend!


Debby Mayne said...

Thanks for letting us know where you are with the states, JoAnne!

I love the new title of my Georgia collection - PEACHTREE DREAMS. It sounds very romantic!

CatMom said...

This is a nice update, JoAnne...but couldn't you have posted at least a little picture of Jodi along with it?! *grin*
Patti Jo :)

Janet Spaeth said...

Patti Jo is right. Jodi picture please!

Cara Putman said...

That state list is getting mighty small. I didn't realize Georgia and South Carolina were still options. Hmmm...

Jessica said...

Just a thought off the top of my head, but what's the word count for each story in the 3-in-1? Is it the same 45-50,000?

Betty Woods said...

As a reader, I'd like to add to the reader mail you want to go through. I just finished Better Than Gold by Laurie Alice Eakes. It is wonderful! Does she have more books coming out?

Becky said...

Jessica, the state collection 3-n-1s are made up of previously published Heartsong romances, so yes, they are 45-50,000 words.