Friday, August 1, 2008

A Window into My Work World

I reorganized my workspace last night. I have a beautiful roll-top desk that my mom handed down to me when we moved into our house, but it was just pushed into a corner upstairs collecting dust. So I decided I was going to downsize from the big ugly table that had been posing as my desk and get some use out of a beautiful piece of furniture. One great thing about doing most all my work from a laptop is that I don’t have many paper files and such, so a small desk works for me. I spent last evening throwing out everything I don’t need and organizing everything I do. It’s a good feeling to be so tidy today!

If I have to, I can work anywhere with almost any type of distraction. Past jobs in a noisy, fun Fine Arts department at a college and a super busy public relations office at a hospital taught me to get work done no matter what the environment. And a personality profile we once did at Barbour showed that I could basically work in a cave if I had to. Pretty things and extra comforts are nice but not necessary for me. However, I must admit that with my re-designed, re-organized workspace, I feel like I can take over the fiction publishing world! Just kidding…but I do feel great in my nice, neat workspace. Let’s see how long I can keep it this way!

Here are a couple pics for a window into my work world. The first person to post a comment and correctly name everyone in the photo you can see on top of my desk will get a free book sent to them. Here’s a hint – it was our Barbour Biggest Loser team. We’re looking at cookbooks and two of us are making sad faces about all the good things we shouldn’t eat. :)


donnarobinson said...

Hi JoAnne!
Thank you for showing us the window into your world. That's a beautiful desk. I can't imagine the amount of work you must do-- you have so many authors and books under your direction. Thanks for all your hard work.

I believe the ladies in the picture are Annie Tipton, Susan Downs, JoAnne Simmons, and Becky Germany.

Donna Robinson

Mary Connealy said...

Ah, you beat me, Donna.

Great work space, JoAnne.

Now I'm ashamed of the mess surrounding men.

JoAnne said...

Good job, Donna! I'll be sending you a free book!

Mary, I'm laughing at what I think must be a typo in your comment - the mess surrounding you or men? hehe

donnarobinson said...

Thanks, JoAnne! I'm looking forward to it.


Mary Connealy said...

Yes, oops, me.

No mess of men...and isn't THAT the truth!!!!!!!!

Debby Mayne said...

Nice workstation, JoAnne. So neat and uncluttered! And so unlike the area where I work! I have filing cabinets on both sides of me, with papers on top waiting to be filed. Sometimes I'm tempted to toss stuff, but I always think I might need it later.

Now back to your space, JoAnne. Where does Jodi hang out while you work? Does she have her own little desk nearby? I've been shopping for my daughter who's pregnant with my first grandchild, and I saw some of the cutest little children's computers that actually work! Jodi might be a little young for something like that, but not for long!

JoAnne said...

Hey Debby! Yep, the other day my mom brought over my old Fisher-Price table and chairs that I colored many a picture on. It's still in great shape and we're putting it beside my desk. Jodi's still a little small to sit in the chair by herself, but she'll get the hang of it soon!

Jodi has a play area in my office and has plenty of toys out in our living room. My mom comes over almost every day to entertain her while I work and Doug's mom comes over a couple times a week, too. I am so blessed!

I'm a proud mommy so I have to share: Jodi is starting to recognize letters when she sees them and says in her baby voice something like this "A...eee...C" Of course she can't do the name of each individual letter yet, but we think she's off to a great start for a little girl who's just turning 1 next week! :) She would probably love a little computer of her own. She loves sitting on my lap and doing the baby games at Tell your daughter about that website. There are some really cute and educational games for babies there. That's where Jodi started learning her ABC's.

Patti Jo Moore said...

Hi JoAnne!
Wow, that desk is gorgeous! I've always loved desks (hmmm...could that have anything to do with me being a former teacher? LOL!). Thanks for sharing a glimpse into your work world.~~Could you please include a picture of Jodi soon? Some of us have "Jodi withdrawals" when we don't see pics of her regularly! :) Blessings, Patti Jo

linda ford said...

Love your work area but I WANT that mug that says What Deadline? Please send immediately. LOL. Where did you find that treasure?


JoAnne said...

Hi Patti Jo - ok I promise to post more Jodi pics next time! We should have some cute ones from her birthday on Wednesday!

Linda, the mug was a gift from fellow Barbour editor Kelly Williams. I love it, too!

CHickey said...

I reorganized this weekend too. Couldn't stand the mess.

Lynette Sowell said...

GREAT desk space. And NO WAY would I send a picture of mine in its current state. But I love working from home as well. I was way too late on the picture, but I have one of those "What Deadline?" mugs. And so do all my crit buddies. :)