Thursday, April 24, 2008

Need a Name

On a happier note today, I'm celebrating a 2 pound weight loss.

Our company is doing a Biggest Loser contest. We've done it before with individuals, but now we are teams and the prize kitty is $600.

My team includes Susan, JoAnne, and Annie, but we haven't found a name one week into the competition. We're editors who work with words, but I think the pressure to be creative has us brain locked.

So, I thought I'd give you the opportunity to name our team. Other team names are things like:
DTC - Dominating Touch Chicks
Junk in the Trunk
Butt Busters
PIT - Pounds in Transition (relates to the "pit" area where the group works)
Get 'er Done

We thought we should have a name that reflects a bit on our job as editors. So, do you have any ideas for us? If we use your idea, I'll let you choose a free book from any of our new releases.

UPDATE 4-29-08: Don't know why this had to be so hard. We ended up using Susan's "Loss for Words." But since Chris's EDIT - Editors Delete It Together and Vickie's REPS - Rejecting Excess Pounds were in out top 3 picks, we are giving them both a free book. Thanks for all the good suggestions.


Dawn said...

How about Cutting it down to size? Or Cutting out the fat?

Janet Spaeth said...

"Editing Ourselves"?

Or something like that?

Janet Spaeth said...

I forgot to add congratulations on your two pound loss, Becky!

Christine Lynxwiler said...

What about the EDIT team? - Ever Diligent In Training. Or Even Dieting Inspires Teamwork. Or Editors Diet In Tandem. Or Editors Delete It Together. Or the EDIT4S Team (since there are 4 of you)- Editors Diet In Time 4 Summer. Ok, back to my wip. Congrats on your loss, Becky, and hope your team wins! (or loses, actually.)

Mary Connealy said...

Or how about a play on acquisition.

De-acquisition Team.
Acquiring Loss
Editor-Acquirer-Team... E.A.T.
JoAnne, Annie, Becky, Susan-J.A.B.S
Barbie Girls?????
HP-Size Editors
Four Losers (that's just mean!)
Revise the Thighs
Revise on the Prize

You're kicking yourself for asking aren't you?????

Patti said...

"Literary Losers" (the word "losers" is meant in a good way in losing pounds/inches !).
Just a thought!
Blessings, Patti from

Janet Spaeth said...


I love it!

Susan Downs said...

You all have left me at a LOSS for WORDS! hahaha


Barbara said...

How about: Write Light

Ausjenny said...

or ETF edit the Fat

EWIP Editing works in process

EIP Editing in Process

Editors On a Mission

EAT Editors are Trimming

i think my creative jucies disappeared too.

Blissful said...

The Write Stuff.

Lynette Sowell said...

I like Butt Busters, because both editors and writers spend lots of time sitting on them. (sigh) I find it's hard to add to the suggestions already listed in these comments. LOL. Um...I think I'll go get another cup of coffee...

But I hope you win!!

Mary Connealy said...


Loss for Words-L.O.W.

That's pretty good, Susan. Use that.

Marcia Gruver said...

Not so fast. Don't give that book away yet, I've got your name.

The Shrinking Thigholets.


Crystal Laine Miller said...

Rejecting Pounds/Accepting Health?

That's not good. (Ha.) But there are some funny ones here that apply.

Good for you all! It's hard to lose, but doing this as a team helps.

Stay tough and reach those goals!

Vickie said...

Congrats on losing two pounds! That's a good start!

For names, how about:

Rejecting the Flab
Rejecting Excess Pounds (the REP gals)
Rejecting Excess Poundcount
POV - Pounds off Visually
Editing the Editors


Pam Hillman said...

Love the idea of a team of Biggest Losers! Maybe we can do that where I work.

Wow, some of those suggestions for a team name are awesome!