Tuesday, April 29, 2008

ACFW-Ohio Comes to Barbour Land!

Okay, so I know I am a day late (and always a dollar short) in blogging this week, but I had a great excuse this time around. VIP visitors superceded my typical-Monday routine as 17 members/guests of the Ohio chapter of ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) came for a tour of the Barbour facilities.

I do believe a good time was had by all. We certainly gave them their money's worth in the information department as each of the department VPs or reps provided an overview of their areas of responsibility. Becky, JoAnne, and I each told about the kind of projects we're currently acquiring. Then, after the Barbour employees gave their spiels, we led the group through the offices and warehouse as well as a bonus tour of our automated distribution center. Despite our best efforts at providing an interesting presentation, our guests would still probably list the FREE BOOKS as their favorite part of the tour. Talk about a holy brawl! After all, writers are book lovers first and foremost.

Today, it's been a madcap race of e-mail catch-up, but the end is in sight. Alas, our hallowed Barbour halls are much too quiet now.
I believe I'll start a water-balloon fight with the typesetters and see if that won't liven things up a bit.

Blessings on your publishing journey,


PS--First comment-poster who correctly picks me out of the crowd wins a copy of ALONG CAME A COWBOY!


Anonymous said...

Light green top, standing all the way to the right. Woo Hoo! Did I win the cowboy? Not literally. I'm a happily married pastor's wife.

Shannon Vannatter

Susan Downs said...

Hooray for Shannon. E-mail me at: sdowns(at)barbourbooks.com and let me know your mailing address. I'll get your book to you ASAP. Enjoy COWBOY. (The STORY, that is!)

Marcie Gribbin said...

Just had to drop in and say thanks for having us in your "home." Of course free books were great (oh, yeah, I got my fair share, LOL), but best of all was the time you gave up for us. That was such a blessing! Mega-thanks, Susan, and all of the team who enlightened us in the word of publishing.

Pam Hillman said...

lol Shannon, you beat me to it. I couldn't imagine why Susan would be hard to find. I wondered if she'd dyed her hair or something.

How wonderful that the Ohio group got to tour Barbour. Sounds like a dream come true. I did dream about touring Barbour once: I think it was around the time Mary C visited y'all and I was green with envy! lol

CHickey said...

I wish I would've been there! A tour of Barbour sounds wonderful.

Cara Putman said...

Sounds like a great time! Someday I'll have to come by.

Susan Downs said...

As we'd say in Texas--"All y'all are welcome any ol' time!" (Well, within reason, anyway. LOL Just give us plenty of advance warning so we can insure one of us will be here to show you around.)

Janice Thompson said...

Aw, darn! It's too late to win a copy of the book. No problem. Could you just send the cowboy instead?

Mary Connealy said...

I liked the picture. If you click on it, it gets bigger than full screen sized so no problem picking you out.

Sounds like a fun day for everyone.

Crystal Laine Miller said...

Hey, there was an IN ACFW member in that mix!

We are thankful for the great relationship that we have with our Ohio ACFW brothers and sisters. (Thanks for opening the door for us, Sharon!) Wish I could've been there, but Cathy did a wonderful job representing our crew.

Hope you have another event like this someday(So I can come next time.) Your time and generosity(both Barbour and Ohio ACFW) are greatly appreciated here in the Hoosier state. Good looking group!