Friday, December 21, 2007

Have a Very Merry Christmas!

Just chiming in to wish you the very best Christmas and a wonderful new year celebration.

I'm going to enjoy my Christmas break, though I'm sure I'll miss seeing my Barbie Girl friends. But what I'll really miss from work is high-speed Internet. (grin)

If anyone has a suggestion of what to do for Internet when you live almost in the boondocks, I'd like to hear it. So far satellite seems too expensive and wireless through cell phone too unreliable.

Oh, and one of my Christmas presents I get to pick up tomorrow. I'm adopting JoAnne's Shih-tzu. Jodi has taken Roscoe's place in JoAnne's home and heart, and Bingley really needs a friend after our old outside dog had to be put down. So, we do the hand off tomorrow, and we'll see how the introduction of another dog goes at my house.

May your Christmas celebration truly be a meaningful time with family as you reflect on the wonder and glory of Christ's birth.

See you next year.


Carrie Turansky said...

Merry Christmas, Becky! I hope you enjoy your well-deserved rest. Wow, a new doggy for Christmas! Hope they get along well and it all works out for everyone.

Tracy Ruckman said...

Merry Christmas to all you!!

Becky, we live in the boonies in Alabama and satellite internet IS our only option. Yes, it is expensive, but we shopped around before we bought.

WildBlue charged less upfront fees - little to none - compared to DirectTV or Hughes. The service is pretty reliable, it's almost as fast as DSL - but it costs $80/month! Since I work at home, on the internet, we have no choice. But it is an option.

The Imaginary Blog said...

Becky, have fun with your new dog! The two of them ought to make opening presents a lot of fun, if they're like the pets I've had!

Have a wonderful Christmas!!!

JanetS (who'd probably drive to the nearest Starbucks to check email....some things you just can't do without! LOL!)

JoAnne said...

Just had to give a disclaimer here :) Yes, Jodi has taken Roscoe's place as the center of attention in our home. But we do still love him. That's why we wanted to find him a home where he'll get the attention and fun he deserves. Doug and I are hoping he and Bingley really hit it off and become great doggy pals :) We're so thankful Becky is willing to provide a good home for him. We know he'll get lots of love and great care there. Thanks, Becky!!

Tammy S said...
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Tammy S said...


I'm sure Roscoe and Bingley will have great fun exploring/roaming those Ohio hills together. (My oldest daughter has a Shih Tzu.)

I finally went with Hughes Satellite, which costs $60 a month. I waited until they had a $100 instant online rebate and $100 mail-in rebate, which saved a good deal up front. It did require a 2-year commitment but dialup was hopeless once we moved to the country here. My brother uses wildblue and so far he doesn't have any complaints that I know of.

I think I'm becoming a rookie AOL user...had to delete a double post thanks to the backspace key and a couple of other strange key combinations...sorry about that.

Merry Christmas to you and your Mom (and the doggies),

Vickie said...

Merry Christamas, Becky!

Can't help with the Internet, but I used to have three shih tzus when I was younger. I bred my first dog and paid for my wedding, then later, bred her again and paid for my first baby. :)

Shih tzu's are sweet, loving dogs and the cutest puppies of all. Kind of like having a little Panda bear.

Enjoy your new dog and have a wonderful Christmas!

Janelle said...

Hey Becky, we too were stuck with the snail's pace dial-up while everyone else had the zippety-do-dah high speed. Then my co-author told me about her Verizon wireless. It's a small box that inserts into your USB port. It also has a three foot cord that acts as an antenna. We're out in the boonies but this thing took us from a hook up speed of 24 to at least 400 for $60 a month. Worth it as far as we're concerned. They'll give you a free trial period of three days or you can try it for 30 day at cost. If you don't like it, turn it back in and they'll refund the price of the unit. It's called the USB 720 if you want to give it a try.

Have a merry Christmas.

Pam Hillman said...

Shih Tzu's are the cutest puppies! I don't have one though...I'm afraid my Lab wouldn't think they're as cute as I do.

Man, I was SO hoping somebody had something new and affordable in regards to dialup vs. satellite servics. I researched satellite and just didn't think I could afford $60 a month when they keep assuring me DSL will be available within a year. And we need at least 2 connections at home, which would run close to $100 a month. 3 connections would be wonderful! Sigh.

High-speed internet at work has spoiled me too!

Becky said...

Having a great break here. Busy with several projects like scrap booking and hooking up my mom's new under-the-cabinet CD/radio box.

The pups are doing well. Roscoe does kind of remind me of a Panda bear. He's a good dog. Got a bath today. Bingley is trying to be top dog, hogging the toys and couch, but Roscoe wins on hogging the food dishes. They've had a couple chases around the house which are a bit wild, but funny. Roscoe sleeps in Mom's room while
Bingley is still in mine. Works fine, since Roscoe is still unsure of our stairs.

Happy New Year!

Mary Connealy said...

Becky. Sorry to hear about your older dog.
We got DSL though our local phone company. we looked hard at satellite, which was offered as an addition to The Dish but we've got an old satellite dish which is pretty inexpensive so to update the TV was a big added cost, too. The whole thing was just prohibitively expensive.
I'm vacationing and had a booksigning today. it went well.
Good luck with the new addition to the family.