Thursday, November 15, 2007

Guest Blogger on Our Anniversary Day

It's hard to believe we've kept this blog going for a year now. Thanks for the support.

Today our Sales Manager has a word to share with you.

"Becky recently invited a couple of our fiction authors to come and meet with several of us here at the office, I was one of them.

"One of the things you enjoy when you first get a job is meetings because it gets you out of work. Then as your tenure and your responsibilities grow, one of the things you dread is meetings because you can’t get your work done. At least that’s how it can be with me. I wasn’t sure what we were supposed to talk about but I went to the meetings. I’m really glad I did.

"We met on Wednesday with MaryLu Tyndall. She was shy, and I can appreciate at that especially when you’re around people you’ve never met before and you are the focal point. On Friday we met with Kelly Eileen Hake very young and very outgoing. Both ladies were very fun to be around. But that’s not the point of my blog.

"After the first meeting I came away with opened eyes to the depth of spirituality that MaryLu desires to put into her books and the passion that is evident in her for her craft and for her Lord. I was grateful to have met her, and to have heard at least glimpses of her testimony.

"From Kelly’s visit my eyes were opened to the amount of time that is put into researching even the simplest details of a story. The volumes and variety of books she speaks of being in her and her mother’s library along with old photos and other memorabilia from the era she writes about, the purchases she makes just for the sake of a story are remarkable. Both women talked about the trips they take to do research. Granted I’ve heard other authors talk about doing research to make sure their stories were historically accurate, but I never sat down and just let them talk about it with me before.

"Okay so what’s the point, right? Reading is not my choice of leisure activity, for me reading is 'work' -- although I’ll pick one of ours up to stay on top of things as a salesperson. I’ve gained a new and greater appreciation of our fiction authors (and other authors) and the time that goes into birthing the final product. And if I can transfer some of this appreciation onto my sales people, think what it could do to their selling techniques."

Attached is a picture of Nola on her trip this past summer to Hong Kong and Singapore to attend a trade show and visit bookstores.

Remember that the author is an important key to selling the passion for story to all those involved in the selling and buying of books: agents, editors, marketing, sales, book buyers, readers, etc. Don't be afraid to share your passion for writing as you talk to people. True passion will shine from the simplest of conversations.


Erica Vetsch said...

Happy Anniversary, Edit Cafe! I love the blog and visit often. I've learned so much from reading editors' perspectives. Thank you for taking the time from your already-at-critical-mass schedules to share yourselves with your readers.

MaryLu said...

Nola, it was such a privilege to be there at Barbour and to meet you and the whole staff! And yes, it is a bit daunting to be the focus of a group of people I've never met before! At least for this reculsive author! It blesses me that I was able in some way to express my passion for Jesus and for my writing. Thank you so much for the chance to do that and for "getting" it.

Patricia W. said...

Hi Becky! Thanks for stopping by my blog. And thanks for the book I won. Edit Cafe is one of my regular reads.

Email me at pwriter1 at yahoo and I'll respond with my snail mail addy.


Jess said...

Thanks so much for sharing this information. My husband says he loves to watch me talk to people about writing because he sees the passion I have for it, but your post makes me ask myself how I might show my passion for my individual books. That's something else entirely. Mmmmm, something to think about.

Becky, I appreciate winning Power Prayers to Start your Day by Donna Maltese. It's wonderful! I love the chapter on The Power of Creative Vision.

Thank you, thank you for being here for us and sharing so much.

Darlene said...

Happy Anniversary, indeed! This is the one blog I read regularly.

Mary Connealy said...

Oh boy. Now I'm nervous. I've got to come and meet you all at Barbour soon. I think Becky's advice to me was 'be yourself' but honestly, I'm going to try and be someone way better than THAT!!!!

A nice--if scary--guest blog, Nola. :)

Anonymous said...


People at Barbour are exactly the sweethearts they are in email and on the phone. You'll love them!

I got to visit and meet everyone in February. I was so nervous, I took my daughter with me! Hey--she had the day off at school. I couldn't exactly leave her at home, could I? LOL. But it was a great day!

Rachel Overton,
content editor/proofer/etc.