Friday, November 30, 2007

Getting Away

We’re off to Columbus this evening for a weekend getaway. Doug’s parents are treating to a nice suite for the five of us for some family time. We’ll go Christmas shopping here, visit this, and hopefully make at least a couple stops at one of these. :) Mainly we’ll just enjoy being together and getting away during the holiday season.

A friend sent me an email the other day and admitted she was already in "bah-humbug mode" as she called it—frustrated with the craziness and commercialism that tends to overtake Christmas. But that’s only if we let it. Like Becky said on Wednesday, this is a busy time of year. But it’s important to prioritize and take time to relax and focus on the true meaning of Christmas. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. Learn to say no if you have to. A pastor of ours always used to say that sometimes you have to say no to some good things to make room for the best things. So this weekend, we’re saying no to a few things to get away and enjoy family time.

How do you get away from it all? Authors, do you have a place to retreat to when you need to focus on your writing? Where do you go?

Have a great weekend and be sure to get some R&R!


The Imaginary Blog said...

JoAnne, have a fantastic weekend! With plans like you've made, you're sure to have fun!

I've got a quote on my fridge door that I'm referring to a lot this season: "Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least" (Goethe). I've let that slip away from me in the past and I'm trying now to keep a better perspective on what's important in life, those "things which matter most."

Family is one of those things.

Enjoy! This is a weekend for you of "things which matter most," don't you agree?


Pam Hillman said...

We don't usually get a chance to get away during the holidays, but I might just HAVE to do it soon. You know, a friend is having a booksigning next weekend about an hour away from me.

Maybe I can talk dh into going over on Friday, shopping, eating, spending the night, eating, shopping, eating, going to the booksigning. Did I mention eating?

Mary Connealy said...

I'm better at saying no than I used to be,mainly because with a full time job and writing I just don't have the time. But then I don't get in on things and I really wish I could. The library has a festival of trees, the church Christmas program, I think it needs me. :) Or at least my cookies. The youth group at church. The school always wants volunteers for fund raisers. sigh
But my kids are grown and I'm trying to step back and let the next wave of parents take over while I begin a new season of life. And I'm doing okay at it.
And those Starbucks drinks look fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want one.

Julie Carobini said...

I go to the beach, sometimes to walk or run, and sometimes to brainstorm. Love it!

Hope you've had a great time on your getaway :)

RachelO said...

Hey JoAnne! Did you have fun? Did you go to Quaker Steak and Lube? Of course, we're only 20 minutes from the original QSL in Sharon, PA, but that one on Polaris Pkwy is yummy too. (Too many TN trips!)If Doug or your dad (or you) like hotrods, you've got to try it sometime. Yes, it's a restaurant (best wings anywhere--mmmm mmmm!), but the cars (that you sit under--they're up on lifts!) are pretty cool, too.

So have you done the requisite and official "first Christmas" family portrait session yet? :-)

Rachel O

Rachel O said...

hmmmm. I'm parentheses-happy this morning.... It's early. :-)