Thursday, October 18, 2007

Newly available

I see that I haven't done all that well at keeping you abreast of new Barbour fiction releases. I haven't taken up blog space to tell you about the collections releasing each month that are repackages of books from our Heartsong Presents series. You'll find these books with "state" titles. We are well on the way to working through the 50 states. The October release was California Brides by Cathy Marie Hake.

Our other October collection release was a collection of newly-written novellas under the fun theme of stock car racing. This book would be a particularly good gift for fans of NASCAR.

Race to the Altar by Ron Benrey, Gloria Clover, Becky Melby with Cathy Wienke, and Gail Sattler
Even though Faith's dreams of being a stock car driver have ended, can she use her skills to spur a brash driver on to victory? Moe loves everything about racing, but will she be willing to change into a lady for the chance to win a driver's heart? Camela enjoys nursing the wounds of those who work around the racetrack, but can she bear to see someone she loves get hurt? For Lynda, selling racing related products is a great extension of her hobby, until a simple video game clashes with a romantic reality.

"Each story is beautifully written and you won't want to set Race to the Altar down until the checkered flag is flown!"
~ Lori Plach for Reader Views (8/07)

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