Friday, September 21, 2007

Anyone reading this today? :)

I'm not sure who will be reading my blog entry today. Many regulars are attending ACFW. Last year was my first time to attend, and I loved being there midst all the excitement. I miss being there now, but I don't regret choosing to stay home with Jodi. Nor would I have wanted to try to take her with me. I think that would have wreaked havoc on the schedule we are getting her on. I'm sure many of you moms out there are familiar with the book On Becoming Baby Wise. It's somewhat controversial, I guess, but I think it just makes sense. Just like all of us, babies need some order and structure in their lives. They are more comfortable and happy if their days typically follow a routine. No, we shouldn't be drill sergeants about it, and there should always be room for compassion and flexibility, but all in all, sticking to a schedule is a good thing!

Sometimes I wish I had someone keeping me more accountable to a specific schedule. Sure, I've got the basics down of when to work, eat, and sleep, but I know I could accomplish a lot more if I had better plans for those undefined periods of time. Like maybe all the scrapbooking I want to finish. Or reading more books. Or keeping my house more organized. Or working on my own writing. Or spending more time with God.

What about you? What kind of schedule do you keep? How do you fit your writing in midst all the demands of life?

Here's a picture of Jodi saying, "Forget about schedules, just give me some pizza!"


Anonymous said...

You were so right to stay put during the conference for Jodi's sake. Babies need structure, especially in the toddler stage. I've often seen young children dragged from place to place all day, everyday, only for the parent to wonder why their child is so cranky and hard to handle. There's much to be said for nap time and a schedule. Anyway, parent to parent reinforcment sometimes helps, so I thought I'd offer it. Free of charge! :)

The Write Life said...

I'm here at home in Florida, not at conference. One reason I've never gone is that we've had to evacuate from a hurricane once during conference weekend, sat through another hurricane another year, and even though I thought this year we'd be home free, we're now under a Tropical Storm warning.

I just don't feel comfortable leaving the family behind when we might have to batten down the hatches and/or leave town.

And of course this weather wreaks havoc on my plans and MY schedule! My parents just got into town on Sunday for a two week visit, but with the storm coming, they've already cleared out. I guess it's not much fun camping in a Tropical Storm that might turn into a hurricane.

So, maybe with all that, I'll be able to relax and write while we're cooped up. IF the electricity holds out.

I love the pictures of Jodi...and agree it's a good idea to sit this conference out. She'd be exposed to all kinds of viruses in public this time of year.


JoAnne said...

Hey, alright, I do have some readers! Thanks for your comments!

Nancy said...

I'm reading, JoAnne! You have a wonderful reason to miss the conference. Although others will have lots of fun schmoozing and seeing old friends, it will never match the joy of holding that beautiful little girl in your arms! What a cutie!

Beth Loughner said...

JoAnne, you're not alone. There are a few of us still here. :-) I'm praying, however, that the others in Dallas have a great time of learning and fellowship. How's that for keeping the green-eyed monster at bay.

As far as schedules go, when you have a baby there is no real "down time". So, don't feel guilty by taking a light snooze when the baby is snoozing. There will be plenty of time for scrap-booking later. And just when you think you have the schedule bit figured out and you can get a few of those "extra" things done, this lovely child will change the rules. Back to square one. Don't stress..just enjoy. Before you know it, they are teenagers and you're looking for colleges. Take it from me. THEN it's time to stress. :-)

Beth L.

Kristy Dykes said...

Sweet post, wise post. Enjoyed it.

I'm home in Florida, too. A trip next week to San Juan to be with our dau. and fam., plus a trip later in the fall to Dominican Republic with our church people on a missions trip to build a church building are my reasons for not getting to attend the ACFW conf. Hope to be there next year. It's the best.

Debby said...

I had to miss the conference too! I'm really looking forward to hearing back from those who were there! This is the first time in 4 years I haven't been able to go, and I'm going through withdrawal.

Beth Goddard said...

I'm familiar with Baby Wise. I used it with my second child and I so wish I'd had it with my first. It would have given me a sense of what the baby needed. Instead I had my in-laws telling me to let the baby cry and my parents telling me don't let the baby cry!! I wanted to SCREAM!

Sounds like you're doing everything to be the best MOM you can:)


Cara Putman said...

We missed you! But next Minneapolis :-) I have to fight for a schedule. But my writing time stays 9p.m. to midnight. I just have to get everything else done in the rest of the time.

Mary Connealy said...

I could NEVER get my girls on a schedule. I could NEVER get them to sleep through the night.
Therefore: I don't think I'd better comment on this subject. :)
Myself...well, I tend to procrastinate online before I start writing.
My writing goal is 300 words a day minimum but I write more like 2000. The reason I set 300 is because it's so do-able and because it's getting started that's tricky for me. Then, once I start, I can go a long time.

I could as well set a one sentence goal, because writing that first sentence is the hardest.
Then I'm off!!!!

And in case you think I didn't notice...the writing goal isn't the same as a schedule. I don't really have one of those. So maybe it's not my daughters that I couldn't get on a schedule, but myself.

Jennifer Johnson said...

Wonderful post, and YES, put that baby on a schedule. I had my girls on schedules and it worked beautifully when they were young. Now that they're older, I find THEY are dictating the schedule with all of THEIR schedules...grr!!! It's a hard thing for a person who likes everything to be done in such and such a way and in such and such a fashion.

I would have NEVER been able to take care of hubby and three girls (two teens), teach fulltime, and write five books in the last two years had I not had a schedule!!! I LOVE schedules.

The flip side to that is now I'm feeling the effects of teenagerhood...finding my girls need me more now than it seems they ever have. I've been taking a lot of long breaths, extending a lot of flexibility, and spending a lot of time on helping them through this time. I read somewhere that a teen girl's emotions triggered by body change mixed with her mother's changing emotions triggered by the body as well is explanation enough as to why we're so near killing each other all the time. Well, with that knowledge in my head, I'm using it to my benefit and simply trying to love on my girls.

JoAnne, enjoy Jodi. I know you are. You'll go through so many stages of life with her. Some stages will be harder than others, but each contains its blessings. I'm so glad you get to spend the bulk of your time at home as you wanted. What a blessing! I'm thankful I could as well

Cecelia Dowdy said...

What a cute picture! Yes, I do agree about placing babies on schedules. I didn't "discover" this until I placed my little one in daycare when I returned from maternity leave. The daycare helped me to place him on a schedule and a lot of his crying fits and gas problems disappeared. I've found that I can get a lot of writing done at 5AM, before the house awakens and my toddler and husband don't bother me. I can also get a chunk of writing done on the weekends in the afternoons when my two-year-old is napping.

Pam Hillman said...

JoAnne, Jodi is so cute. I don't blame you a bit for staying home with her this year. But we did miss you in Dallas!