Thursday, August 30, 2007

An Old West Christmas

Romance Is on the Wish List for an Old-West Christmas. . . .

Zack Kahler is ready to shake off the dust of New York City and return to Texas to take over his hometown paper. Just before leaving, the newsman finds himself the intended victim of an eight-year-old pickpocket. After learning the street urchin is orphaned along with his twin, Zack decides to bring them back to Kahlerville. But will Zack be able to run the newspaper, recover from a lost love, and still manage to keep his unruly charges out of trouble?

Chloe Weaver has been an outcast all her life. Only one schoolmate ever treated her with compassion, and now he’s back in town, boarding with his children at the house where Chloe works. Can she hope to capture Zack’s love, or is it wiser to accept romance from another?

Zack, Chloe, and the twins each have past reputations to overcome. Will they succeed in finding the acceptance for which they’ve longed? Could it take a Christmas miracle for their dreams to come true?

"Christian Romance at its finest. Ms. Mills is an exceptional writer. The plot of this story flows smoothly. I could not put it down and read it in one sitting."
Debra Gaynor for Reader Views

"A wonderful book to curl up with during the holiday down time. . . ." (4 stars)
Patsy Glans for Romantic Times

A Texas Legacy Christmas by DiAnn Mills releases September 2007


Rhonda said...

I love these books! I'm looking forward to the Christmas one.

Mary Connealy said...

What a great set-up for a romance. I always read Diann, I'm looking forward to this one.
I have to insert here that my first conference I selected DiAnn Mills as an author to critique my work and I had such a great time with her. She may no even remember me, I'm sure she did a lot of them. But I remember her well. She gave me great, sensible, concrete advice, not just on the book, but on marketing, what publisher would be interested, it was so helpful and I have a special place in my heart for her.