Thursday, August 23, 2007

Keep It Christmas All Year!

Kristianna Harrington fights for love. . .again.
But this time, it’s for love of a town.

Or is it?

Since I was a little girl, Jingle Bells, Arkansas, has been my refuge—especially Gram Harrington’s gift shop, Forever Christmas. Jingle Bells also happens to be home to my best friends, Ami and Garrett, so when I inherited Gram’s shop, the decision to move here seemed obvious. So far, though, my business savvy is proving about as successful as my love life. (I’ve had two broken engagements. Enough said.)

Everyone knows Jingle Bells needs an economic miracle to survive. But let’s just say my idea of a miracle differs from that corporate bigwig lawyer, Shawn Webber. He plows into town campaigning to change the name to Summer Valley—to entice a big corporation to relocate here. A girl would think she could count on her best friends to support her fight to keep Jingle Bells on the map. Or not. Okay, so I understand how Ami is totally focused on her wedding plans. But Garrett can’t bother himself with local politics when there’s bowling to be done. Men!

When will I ever learn to let God guide me in matters of home. . .and heart?

Forever Christmas
is a delightful romance with a few twists I didn't see coming. A romantic tale, it's perfect for Christmas gift-giving. It's well written and the plot makes it a fun read. It held my interest from beginning to end. We've all seen those towns that theme around Christmas. Have you ever wondered what it was like living there? Lynxwiler brings it alive for you. The town of Jingle Bells has a few residents I seem to recognize from my own small hometown.
Ane Mulligan for Novel Reviews

Forever Christmas by Christine Lynxwiler releases in September.


Mary Connealy said...

Just reading this made me smile. I love small town settings. I love the guy who's got to go bowling. :)I'll look forward to reading this one.

Aaron McCarver said...

I was VERY privileged to edit this book and I loved it. I usually prefer to read something historical, but this book had me from the beginning. I love the humor, the descriptions, and the quirky characters. And I have to confess that I am a sucker for Christmas (bring on snow and "It's a Wonderful Life"), so that helped. But I mainly just loved Christine's writing! Well done! Don't miss this one. You will love it, too!

Lynette Sowell said...

Can't wait to read this one! I love Chris' writing. :)

Kristy Dykes said...

Sounds delightful! Can't wait to read it.