Thursday, July 5, 2007

Happy Belated 4th!

I hope all my American friends had a wonderful celebration of liberty yesterday whether you are currently on the homeland soil or far away.

I'm particularly thankful today for heroes like my brother-in-law who has made a career of naval service.

Of course, our offices were closed yesterday, so I'm just getting around to my usual Wednesday post. Indulge me as I bore you with what I did over my holiday.

Tuesday night I watched fireworks from a hilltop house perched overlooking a local lake park where the conservancy puts off a decently lights display. But I must say that the sunset and stars that night clearly rivaled the fireworks. If only I'd taken along my camera.

Yesterday I did the unpleasant job of cleaning out the garage and finally mopping away the salt and sludge deposits built up over the winter. There is definite liberty in a clean and organized space.

Another holiday success for me was in trapping 2 raccoons. Yes, I know it sounds redneck. I live in the country, and despite all the space around us these coons have been making our front yard their home, eating dog food and bird seed. Ohio labels these types of animals as nuisances that homeowners are allowed to destroy. Game wardens don't want people relocating them. So I won't tell you exactly what we did with our pathetic critters.

The highlight of the 4th for me was going with family to an old-fashioned general store where they make their own ice cream. Then we drove around the lake looking at houses and wondering about the stories of the people who live in them. There is quite an eclectic collection of elegant estate looking homes and rustic cabins with a mix of year-round and just holiday dwellers.

Now to get back in the groove of everyday work of exercising these liberties we enjoy through the freedom of the written word.


Janet said...

"Salt and slug deposits"? Do you mean the kind of slugs that ooze though gardens? They're in your garage? Long enough to, um, deposit stuff?

...insert one big long shudder...

I am pretty sure I'm missing something here???


Becky said...

LOL I meant to type sludge. Spellchecker didn't help on that one.

Janet said...


Thanks, Becky. Glad to know your garage wasn't overtaken by a horde of hungry slugs-->sounds like a very bad horror movie!


Beth Loughner said...

Aren't raccoons the cutest things...and meaner than a rattle snake. Even in the city, the coons use our storm-water sewers like their own personal transportation system. Then they have the nerve to eat stuff out of our garden.

Once we had a racoon get on our roof from a tree. He was clawing at our shingles and rattling the windows with his paws. It's four in the morning and we're trying to spray him with the water hose. Then we put the ladder up (making an awful racket) to get a better aim. This went on for 45 minutes (front roof to the back roof) before he finally made a flying leap and disappeared into the park.

Do you know that no one called the police with all the noise and commotion? Just another two crazy people in the city, I guess. Status: normal.

And I'm glad, too, that your garage wasn't overtaken by slugs. Yuck!


Mary Connealy said...

We spent the third of July evening boating on the Missouri River with several of the kids. Then we watched fireworks from a local marina from the boat. An absolutely spectacular experience. We boated all day the next day--not me, I burn to easily, I went out mid afternoon. Then ate supper at the marina.
floating, skiing, tubing on the river are our families favorite pastimes.