Monday, June 25, 2007

How I Spent My Summer Vacation. . .

Ah, Dorothy, truer words were never spoken--"There's no place like home."

My husband, David, and I landed back home in Ohio sometime in the wee hours of the morning this past Saturday. While the doctor says David shouldn't expect to feel good for another couple of weeks, he is definitely on the mend. (I think I'm relieved that our motorcycle won't arrive until mid-July, so my macho-man won't be tempted to take it for a spin before his strength is sufficiently recovered.) Words can't adequately express my heartfelt gratitude for your prayers and concern. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I saw Jesus through you.

I do believe I'll limit my adventures to the fictional kind in the coming days. Can I get an amen?

Actually, I love it when a book transports me to another time or place. I love that "zone" I find myself in when I'm caught up in a good story. While we were waiting for our flight to board in Sacramento, I bought an ABA suspense paperback and started reading. I spent the next twelve hours racing through the streets of southern California trying to rescue a victim of kidnapping--even when I was physically seated in 10D somewhere in the skies over Iowa.

If books play such an important role in my life, which is filled with plenty of real-life excitment on any given day, just think of the void that inspirational stories fill in the lives of those whose only adventures come through reading. God calls us--as Christian fiction writers and editors--to serve the Kingdom in a unique capacity. When you need a special boost to keep you on task in your work, try to picture, in your mind's eye, an elderly saint who is homebound and no longer able to live out a real-life adventure. She waits for a story like yours to transport her, enthrall her, and lift her spirits. --skd


Kim S. said...

Welcome back, Susan! Prayers continuing for David's completely restored health. (And I have to two make a very striking couple!)

God bless,
Kim S.

The Write Life said...

I'm glad you're back safe and sound, too!

My favorite place to go in the world when on vacation is where we now live. I hate the thought of leaving here, ever! Where I used to love to read a good beach story for escape, I now can go walk on the beach any time I please.

So, now that I'm away from the cold and snow, I love to read stories set in that climate. I have no desire -- well, maybe about once per year I'd like to have one snowed in day with the beauty before the brown and gray phase -- but I don't miss driving in the ice, or the cold, or being cooped up with five or six kids, etc.

Books now fill that void. I agree. It's nice to be at home and to read about other places. It's a very good thing to keep in mind that others, as you said, might not have an ability to travel, and only our story and detailed description will allow them to experience various places!

Thanks for that reminder.


Linda Ford said...

Susan, praise God for your safe return home.

Mary Connealy said...

Susan! Welcome home. What a journey you've been on. Glad you finally clicked those ruby slipper together and came home.

Kristy Dykes said...

You said, "She (the reader) waits for a story like yours to transport her, enthrall her, and lift her spirits."

Hey, I think you've created a tagline or mission statement for some writer! Maybe all of us. Those are things we should all strive for. Love the way you captured those words!

Glad you had a safe return and that your dh is on the mend! God bless--

Susan Downs said...

Y'all are so kind to me! You warm my heart. Thanks again! sd

Janet said...

"Safe and sound"--what wonderful words!


Dana said...

Susan, my little girls heard me talking about your Redding experience and they insisted we bring you and David to our house for pancakes. For some reason, they thought a batch of their messy, lopsided pancakes would be just the thing to cure your hubby! Dana

Susan Downs said...

Aw, lopsided pancakes sound WONDERFUL! I bet they had just the cure. I came home sick from work today, but I think it's as much from exhaustion as anything. I'm sure ready for life to return to NORMAL--whatever that is! sd

Kathy said...

Susan, glad you are home safe and sound. Most of my vacations are uneventful, but yours makes up for all of mine. I will remember that when we go on one again.

I have always loved to be transported to someplace or sometime else. That is something all readers should strive to do.

Have a blessed day!

Jennifer Johnson said...

Susan, I'd been praying for you and your husband. I'm so thankful you're back and getting well. I'm glad his motorcycle is gone for a while too. My hubby would be the same way. :)