Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Slightly Sassy, Surely Sophisticated, and Suddenly Single. . .AGAIN

We first met Valentine, Sally, Reva, Barbie. . .and Robert when old high school rivalries came back to haunt middle aged women in The Widows’ Club. Now meet the stunning widow, Diamond, and a host of gentlemen — Ward, Chuck, and Jake — who would like to be drawn into the circle of the group in Invasion of the Widows’ Club. Can Valentine hold the integrity of the club together? Will she succumb to Robert’s marriage proposal, or will she cling to her widowhood like a lifeline to the past?

"The Widows’ Club is altogether a delightful read, filled with characters you want to get to know. Well, perhaps with the exception of Barbie. I'm not looking forward to her to move next door to me any time soon. However I am looking forward to the sequel, The Invasion of the Widows’ Club, coming Spring of 2007."
Reviewed by Ane Mulligan for Novel Reviews

If you haven’t already met Joyce Livingston, you’ll enjoy visiting her web site. This talented lady has packed a lot of experiences into her live, including wife, mother of six, grandmother, television broadcaster, travel escort, quilter, published author, and most recently, widowhood. Her books encourage readers to face life head-on, finding answers by seeking God’s will and trusting in Him.

Invasion of the Widows’ Club releases in May.

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Anonymous said...

Joyce's books are FABULOUS! I highly recommend this series to chick-lit lover and fiction lovers alike. :o)

Kim S.