Monday, March 26, 2007

'Fridge Magnets

While I was away last week, Barbour author Kristy Dykes "tagged" us to post pics of our individual refrigerators on our blog and explain the contents. I'm not real sure what her ulterior motive is for this exercise, but I'll play. (Of course, the pics taken with my cellphone camera aren't good enough to actually see DETAIL, so I'll have to give a blow-by-blow written description as well.)
We are still on an "organic" craze at our house these days, so if you look closely, you'll see organic milk and vanilla and pomegranate kefir (yum) and organic yogurt. There is a gallon jar of jalepenos and fresh homemade salsa to satisfy my southwest-weaned palate and a half-gallon tub of kimchee (and a rice-cooker on the countertop) when we get to hunkering for a taste of our "other" homeland, not to mention olives and lots of Tabasco and other firey condiments. I do believe you'll spot containers of hummus and artichoke dip if you look closely enough. However, the only sugary substances anywhere in our fridge comes in the form of fresh fruit--blackberries, apples, oranges, and the like.
I doubt you'll find another refrigerator in the good ol' US-of-A that contains the exact items in the exact proportions mine does. We each have a one-of-a-kind approach to food--what we crave, what we hate, and why. As writers, we each bring our own fresh perspective to even the most common of themes as well. We choose words from a common vocabulary to express our individuality. The plot recipe you are concocting is unlike any other.
For Christmas last year, JoAnne gave me a ceramic plaque that shows an open book along with a Max Lucado quote, which reads: "Your life has a plot; your years have a theme. You can do something in a manner that no one else can."
Remember your own 'fridge whenever you're tempted to think you have nothing new to add to what's already cookin' out there.


Candice Speare said...

Wow, cool stuff in your fridge. I'm fascinatead by the pomegranate kefir. I'm going to have to get some. And those southwestern ingredients. Yummy! And I love the way you tie all this up with writing! Who else could do that but a writer/editor person. I mean, really. Everything always comes back to writing. C.

Janice Thompson said...

Okay, I must admit...we have less in common than I thought. I can assure you the inside of my refrigerator looks NOTHING like yours. Milk, yes, but not organic. Margarine, not butter (though, that's not a personal preference). Shall I go on? Some of the things you mentioned I've never even heard of. I need to scroll around on the web to figure out what's in your fridge. Trust me, you wouldn't need the WWW to figure out mine. Lots of juices (cranberry/grape is my favorite) and three different kinds of diet soda. I'm not kidding... the only time I really go to the grocery store is when I've run out of diet soda or dog food. (Sasha is waving at you, by the way.)

Also, I have a question about your fridge. Is it as narrow as it looks? Looks teensy-tiny in the pic. I know, I know... it was taken with a cell phone camera, but it looks super-narrow. Is that how they make 'em up north? Down here in Texas, our fridges are "spread" almost as wide as we are. :)

Love you!

Kristy Dykes said...

Yes, your refrigerator items are very unique! I smiled and smiled as I read your post. I think it's VERY interesting to see inside people's refrigerators. I'm laughing right now, but it's true. Don't think I'm weird. It just tells so much about a person. Now, after having seen the inside of your refrigerator, I know you like spicy things like salsa and jalapenos, etc. And organic things, like that funny-named yogurt or kefir, or whatever. Thanks for taking my challenge!

Kristy Dykes said...

Janice, I think you're looking at her pantry. The fridge is as wide as mine. They're both white, it looks like.

Susan said...

Janice, I think Kristy is right. The narrow shelves your seeing is the open cabinet next to the countertop where my rice cooker sits. My fridge is pretty much standard size, though it is a side-by-side, so that may make it appear more narrow. (Kristy, the inside is white, but the outside is almond to match my yellow cabinetry.) Boy, all this talk about fridges and food is making me hungry! skd