Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Romance and Faith Transcend Time

The long-awaited sequel to Tracey Bateman’s historical The Color of the Soul is now available.

Shea Penbrook finds her ancestor Jason Penbrook’s diary and unearths a legacy. Jonas Riley is sent to Oregon to investigate Shea’s claim to his rightful inheritance—the Penbrook estate. Can love bloom in the midst of murder, deceit, and mystery, or will past histories and present betrayals wreck any chance of romance?

Check out what others are saying about Freedom of the Soul:

An honest and gripping multilayered story about family and dreams, Freedom of the Soul touched my heart and stirred my soul. Bateman’s deft hand at creating historical settings drew me in and I felt as if I were there, with Celeste and Mac, with Shea and Jonas, experiencing their hurts, fears, and joys. A book that explores the secrets we hide within, and how they affect our choices, Freedom of the Soul is a must read by one of today’s most talented authors.
~Susan May Warren, award-winning co-author of The Heirs of Anton series

Tracey Bateman masterfully weaves a powerful tale between past and present that forever awakens the reader to the horrors of slavery and racism, the importance of heritage, and the abounding love of God that ties all of us together as His children.
~M. L. Tyndall, author of The Legacy of the King's Pirates

Reminiscent of the classics—think To Kill A Mockingbird situated at Scarlet’s Tara. Multiple generations battle the war of the races. Parallel injustices occur a century apart. By Kathy Carlton Willis, Dancing Word Reviewer

A fabulous historical thriller that brings to life two eras, the Deep South just after WWII and the Antebellum mid ninetieth century South prior to the Civil War. . . . Readers will appreciate this character driven look at racial relationships while rooting for the best to happen to the deserving Shea. By Harriet Klauser

The story was so compelling, and the times so excruciatingly well-portrayed, that I couldn't stop reading. . . . This story moved me emotionally on several occasions. . . . Bateman has an uncanny ability to bring history to life. By Michelle at Edgy Inspirational Author

The story is a quick, enjoyable read. Interesting facts about the old south are woven into the story. For a great romantic escape, Freedom of the Soul is a great choice. By Stephanie Rollins for Reader Views

Bateman weaves her story seamlessly, as characters in the 1840s live out their lives on the pages of Freedom, alongside but never intruding, as the 1940s characters describe the awful price exacted on innocent lives for the sins of selfish, hate-filled men and women. By Vicki McCollum for BC Books

I have 2 copies of this book on my shelf. Be among the first 2 to leave a comment and I’ll send you a book.


Becky said...

Book winners -- please be sure I have your full name and address. You can email it to me.

Susan Lohrer said...

Tracey once mentored my critique group, and what a blessing she was to us. She has a deep understanding of how to grab her readers' hearts and emotions. Way to go, Tracey.

The Write Life said...

I'd love a copy!

Paige Dooly

Lynette Sowell said...

Sounds like a great book and a great read! Two stories in one. :) How Tracey can successfully write in more than one genre, well, that's awesome. :)

The Write Life said...

Tracey's writing is awesome. I love her ability to create "real" characters.


Mary Connealy said...

Ijust got my copy today and I can't wait to read it. Tracey always does great work.

Sally Bradley said...

I'm reading this right now and am really enjoying it!