Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Is This Book in Your TRP?

I recommend adding another book to your "to read pile." This one has that mom-lit feel with a good dose of romance and adventure.

Here are what some reviewers are saying about
Promise Me Always by Christine Lynxwiler:

Promise Me Always is hard to put down. The chapters move along, as readers gets the opportunity to take a peak into Allie's life and forget about their own lives for a while. With romance, conflict, and challenges woven into the story, the book promises to be a hit for author Christine Lynxwiler.
Kathy C. Willis at Living Out Loud Communications

The Pinkies add humor, pathos, and plenty of support to a fine character cozy starring a woman with a dream battling a reality of feeding her preadolescents. Though some readers will doubt Allie has the experience to perform the full landscaping work, no one will doubt her sincerity and effort. The other Pinkies are quite the support group as they encourage her and amateurishly assist her as money exchange is a Sisterhood taboo. Fans will appreciate a fine follow your dream drama.
Harriet Klausner at Amazon.com

This first book in The Pinky Promise Sisterhood Series offers a great life lesson, an enjoyable read, and a lot of levity and fun. The author assembles a great cast of characters who help the reader root for Allie to win in business and in love.
Kim Peterson of Reader Views

Haven't we all, men excepted, made promises with childhood friends--the kind where you link pinkie fingers and promise to die before you reveal the secrets about to be shared? Reminiscent of the Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, Lynxwiler captured my interest from the first line and held it till the last.
Novel Reviews

Promise Me Always is book one in the Pinky Promise Sisterhood series and it is a good read. Allie is a realistic character, well-developed with great kids that act their age. Allie’s friends provide a fantastic lineup of secondary characters (ones that I’m anxious to read more about in rest of the books in this series).
Laura for A Romance Review

Promise Me Always is a humorous story about a woman in the middle of a very serious place in her life, and the lighthearted combines with the deep-hearted in this book to create a novel you’re going to love.
Review by Roseanna White at Christan Review of Books

I loved this book. It showed a close relationship with Allie, her family, her best friends, and later Daniel Montgomery. Allie’s character changes so much over the course of the book. She goes from relying on herself to relying on God where she should have been all along. Allie learns nothing is certain in life. And God wants us to live our lives to the full extent and not worry about tomorrow.
Reviewed by Kristy Pelletier for The Road to Romance

Author Christine Lynxwiler's writing reminds you of the promises once made with childhood friends. Promise Me Always is a "make you feel good" book, one you don't want to miss reading.
Reviewed by Gloria Gehres for The Romance Readers Connection

Do you like the cover? The cover reflects the tone of this lady-lit very well. If the cover was a cartoon, like chick-lit tends to be, I would have expected a hyper, scattered character. Allie seemed calmer, even-tempered. That's the way I read her anyway. To be honest, the cover sold the book. Just lovely.

Did you enjoy the book? I did. This is an enjoyable romantic comedy with an timely plot. A landscaping reality show! My favorite network, HGTV, in print!

After being inundated with televised and printed violence, I needed the break this story afforded. I relaxed. I chuckled. I pondered how we respond to situations after we lose control of them.

Additionally, I was glad the author did not make assumptions about being widowed.

Cee Cee at Book Splurge

Get this book at your local Christian bookstore. Your TRP can never be too large.



Mary Connealy said...

It sounds great and I'm always on the look out for romantic comedy. It's my favorite, whether contemporary, historical, first person, suspenseful, comedy is what makes if most fun for me.

margie said...

Becky wrote: Your TRP can never be too large.

LOL Tell that to my husband! He cringes every time he sees my pile :).

I will add Christine's book to my pile soon! Thanks for the reviews that confirm my opinion of any of Christine's books.