Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A Christian Pirate?

The concept of a pirate who has surrendered to Christ still amazes me. Would it make a believable story? Heck yeah! And the second installment of this remarkable trilogy has just hit stores. M. L. Tyndall does a wonderful job of bringing to life a sordid group of people who are very human, very likeable, and very much the type of people Christ wants to reach.

If The Reliance isn’t in your to-read pile, it will be after you read these reviews:

Christian piracy sails on. Tyndall’s second installment to her Legacy of the King’s Pirates trilogy, The Reliance, is another swashbuckling page turner.

The Reliance has many plot subtleties, but peel these onion layers for yourself, and enjoy. This Tyndall woman can write. If you’re able, start with The Redemption, in order to meet living characters in living color.
By Frank Creed of A Frank Review

This book stormed with action like a ship caught up in a Tsunami. Fabulous writing and very fast paced.

In short, The Reliance contains just enough testosterone and action to please a male audience, and enough romance and adventure to capture the female reader as well.
By Michelle at Edgy Inspirational Author

Book Two of The Legacy of the King’s Pirates Series is even more gripping than the first. Full of captured ladies and scoundrels as well as good-hearted men gone wrong, there is something in this book for everyone.
Reviewed by Jamie Driggers at Armchair Interviews

Do I recommend The Reliance? Yes, I do although it is not for everyone. I believe that this love story is not just between Merrick and Charlisse, but it is a love story between God our Father and His children.
By Victoria Borgman, Christian Book Previews.com

A rousing plot filled with adventure, heinous pirates, God’s awesome power, and exciting chapter hooks will have you quickly turning the pages. The Reliance is a book for people who love adventure and edgy, but clean, stories.
Reviewed by Vickie McDonough for TitleTrakk.com

I’ve had the privilege of already reading the third book in the series, The Restitution, and wow, does it deliver a great read. Watch for it to be out in August.


Kristy Dykes said...

Congrats to Mary Lu. What a neat concept--a series about pirates.

Mary Connealy said...

I just love this. I love that Christian Fiction is finding it's way into every genre. This is a perfect example of how all...or nearly all...types of fiction can be written for the Lord.

margie said...

I love this series. . .and I'm looking forward to the third book :).


Vickie said...

I love stories of tough-guy, and even a little bad-boy, heroes who find God and then use their talents and abilities for Him. Captain Merrick is such a man, but he definitely isn't perfect. Mary Lu did an awesome job with her two pirate books. I thoroughly enjoyed them and would like to read more action-oriented books like hers.

Robin Bayne said...

Thanks for the info, I love the pirate theme and will order these books.