Wednesday, January 3, 2007

The Rush Is On!

The Christmas prep rush might be over and things may slowly be returning to "normal" routine, but the rush to catch up on all that was put on hold during the holidays begins.

My desk is cluttered with mail, "to do" lists, unread manuscripts, and dust. It is so hard to know what to focus on first, so my brain has trouble getting in gear. And all I really want is a long winter's nap.

I was challenged today to write down my goals for the year 2007 -- write them down so that my brain can lock in on them and get them done. Isn't it funny how writing something down creates ownership and commitment?

So, I've been stewing over what my 3 work goals and 3 personal goals will be for 2007. One thing related to work keeps returning to my mind, and so I think I'll write down that I want to read more books. I read a good bit of nonfiction in my spare time, but I need to be reading more fiction published by other publishers in both CBA and ABA. I want to keep a good perspective on what is working with readers and what is not. I don't know where I'll find the time, but I'll work on it.

For personal, I know the first one to write down will be to get back into shape. Last year at this time I was going to a wellness clinic, doing a cleanse, eating more natural/whole foods, excercising, and feeling great. This year I need to make those changes last longer than 5 months. It needs to become my year-round lifestyle change. #2 will have something to do with working on my single status -- like stop hiding from romance and get a date. Anyone know of a nice single guy for a shy 30-something? Ha!

I hope you are able to write down at least a couple goals for your writing and your personal life. It would be interesting to hear them, if you care to share. You have my permission to check me on my goals.

Happy New Year!


Christine Lynxwiler said...

You inspired me, Becky. I'm going to write down my own goals - 3 personal and 3 professional. Lately it seems like life has just been happening and even though it has to be that way sometimes, I'm a firm believer in goals! Wishing you all the best in reaching yours. I'll be eyeing every thirty something single Christian guy with a new perspective these days. LOL. Let's hope my husband understands that I'm just trying to help a friend meet her goal. ;)

Mary Connealy said...

I've had a long standing goal of trying to write everyday. My commitment is 300 words, so easy there's no excuse to fail. But I aim for a thousand and usually make it. (No, let's NOT talk about the last two weeks!)
I have three books that need revisions. Written, plus I've got a fourth book idea that I want to finish this year. Plus I'm 15,000 words into a new cozy mystery that I want to finish. mean besides that perennial goal I have to lose weight and get in shape?
I want to get braver about promoting my book. I want to polish a speech for several places that have request such from me (those poor people!!!)
My speech so far begins, "Let's begin with prayer. Please bow your heads." After that it gets a little fuzzy, but I picture myself sneaking out while their eyes are closed.
Also, I just send you more work, Rebecca. Maybe I should have waited.

Cara Putman said...

Hmmm...Personal? 1) Transition to being a full-time mommy with grace. 2) Add a stronger commitment to prayer to my daily life. 3) Reach out to new people to see if we click.

Professional: 1) Get on top of my ACFW Board and conference duties quickly. 2) Learn how to say NO.
3) Write 500-1000 words a day. It's amazing how quickly you write a book with goals like that. And when I'm in the middle of one, it flies. It's just getting in the middle :-)

Cathy West said...

Oooo I know a great guy...but he lives in Bermuda.
Guess you'll just have to find some work-related excuse to come here...

eileen said...

Late reading blogs: Absolutely adorable picture! Hmmm, who do I know that's single and can square dance?

CHickey said...

Get my cozy published.

Lose 30 lbs.

I'll do both, too!

Kristy Dykes said...

"Anyone know of a nice single guy for a shy 30-something?"

A young woman in our church, who's 32, I think, she's a nurse and very committed to the Lord, and has always wanted to meet Mr. Right, but he never came along. So, last summer, she went to, and she's getting married May 5! Her Mr. Right lives nearby, and it seems they're a wonderful match.

Becky said...

I confess, I tried eharmony I couple of years ago. Maybe it is time to go back on line.

Tiff/Amber Miller said...

Nice set of goals, Becky. Inspired me too. So, I'm writing mine and anyone can check me on them. ACFW conference in Dallas might be a good place. :)

1. Sell 2 more books.
2. Market to over 100 subscribers to my blog or newsletter.
3. Redo my web site for better strategic marketing.

1. Lose 40 pounds.
2. Grow my hair longer again.
3. Stop running from love and romance and do something about my single status too. :)

Here's to success for us all!

Becky said...

Hey, Tiff, I read some advice that a single person who is wanting to find someone should announce to everyone they know that they are looking. One of the best ways to meet new people is through friends and family. You'd think everyone I know would know I'm looking, but I'm open to announcing it with a megaphone.


That was liberating. *grin*