Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Post 1 - D Day (personal stuff)

It's DECISION Day. Today I start new healthy habits and begin adding positive green to my goal tracker. (Check out Joe's Goals for a free, neat tool to track all goals in your life.)

Last January I did a cleanse through my chiropractic clinic that made me feel much more energetic, clear headed, and healthy, and I lost weight. I did pretty well staying on track with healthy habits until about summer when my travel time doubled and I let my defenses drop. I think I've now regained all the weight I lost, and though I don't have all the adverse health symptoms of a year ago, I have too many.

Today is day 1 of a 21-day cleanse. I'm basically eating only fruits and veggies right now and will later begin adding back in things starting with brown rice, eggs, fish, etc. My chiropractic clinic uses the cleanse program products from Standard Process. And I'm to be accountable to the wellness advisor to stay on track with my eating and regular exercise. I need that type of push.

Every body is different, but for me eating too much processed food (i. e. white flour, white sugar, white rice, prepacked foods, all artificial sweeteners, etc. and even caffeine) is damaging. I've found that my body runs best when fueled by natural, whole foods.

I bought a cheap fruit and vegetable juice extractor last night at Wal-Mart. I'm going to give that a try to add variety in my diet before I invest in an expensive machine. Juice is a good way to get some veggies I don't like because of their looks and texture (i. e. kale and radishes).

You have my permission to watch my goal tracker on the side bar and give me an occasional nudge in the right direction, though I am tracking more than health goals. I also track other personal and work goals.



The Write Life said...

I wish your chiropractic clinic was here! Is there somewhere I can find to read about the cleanse and the order in which to re-introduce healthy foods? We're trying to eat healthier, but I'd love a clear plan on how to eat this way.


Becky said...

I've read so many things from web sites, books, clinic pamphlets, and so on over the last year to form in my mind what will work long-term for my body type and lifestyle. It is hard to point to one source. I should write my personal health plan down.

I did start reading at this web site over a year ago, wanting to deal with candida yeast issues. There is a lot of good here.

Candice Speare said...


This is awesome and the whole foods thing sounds similar to the way my husband and I try to eat. I fall off the wagon here and there, but, over a period of several years, with diet and exercise, I've lost 65 pounds and kept it off. Of course, I'd like to drop fifty more, but that'll come. I always get excited when other people I know do this. It encourages me to keep going. Thanks for sharing. And I'm going to keep up with what you're doing, so I can be reinspired.