Friday, January 19, 2007

A Misprint

My apologies to Joyce Livingston for an error in my January 5th post. I said that Colorado Weddings was a collection of previously published Heartsongs in our Romancing America series. Actually, Colorado Weddings by Joyce Livingston is a set of three brand new contemporary stories. Colorado Weddings and Texas Brides, a collection of three brand new historical stories by Cathy Marie Hake, are the "kick-off" books to the Romancing America series. They just realeased this past Fall and are available now.

If you happen to go back to my January 5th post, you'll see that I've corrected my mistake and replaced my example with New Hampshire Weddings by Rachel Hauck. That book is, in fact, a collection of previously published contemporary Heartsongs.

Okay, now that I've announced my first and only mistake of the year (yeah, right!), time to work on making myself a better person. This afternoon, I'll be working on one of my goals for 2007--to make a schedule for accomplishing the least appealing tasks of my job. Sending rejections, for example. I know those aren't fun for authors, and they really aren't enjoyed by editors, either. I tend to push tasks like these to the bottom of my priority list and then realize every once in a while that they've piled into an overwhelming mountain of work. My plan is to set aside an hour or two of every day and devote that time to accomplishing these less-than-desirable tasks.

Wish me luck and have a great weekend! :)


eileen said...

Awwww, grungy tasks! Eat some chocolate between each letter, then go home and enjoy your weekend.

Mary Connealy said...

Well, rejection sending season, huh? Um...I don't know whether to encourage you to get to work or not!!!!!