Monday, November 20, 2006

My Perspective on A Positive Point-of-View

Last Saturday afternoon, in keeping with our adopted state's ordinances. . .er, well, traditions, at least. . .my husband and I traversed the crowded local byways on our 8th annual pilgrimage--to congregate with football-fanatic friends for the viewing of the Ohio State/Michigan game. (Don't worry, Mom. I've not deserted my Sooner roots. I'm simply trying to be a good missionary and acclimate to the culture of my surroundings.)

Anyway, these particular friends had moved into a new-to-them home since our last gathering. Even as we pulled into the drive, I found myself fighting off a severe case of "Ah, if only. . ." I feverishly prayed for victory over a swelling temptation to covet as, just in time for kick-off, we plopped ourselves in front of their big screen HDTV.

During the game's half-time show, Mr. Friend offered to give me and my husband the grand tour of their place. We began on the second floor and worked our way through each room as our host gave a running commentary: "Now, over here is the master bedroom. The closets are way too small. And you'll notice there are no jets in the garden tub." Every room we entered, he hastened to point out another unfilled nail hole or construction shortcoming. By the time we reached the basement, I was beginning to worry if the walls would collapse on us. I'd certainly overcome all house-envy tendencies!

As an editor, I'm paid to have a critical eye for detail, to pick out every flaw in a manuscript and call attention to faulty construction. For me, at least, one byproduct of my profession is the tendency for a critical spirit to pervade my attitudes as well. If I'm not vigilant, I find myself slipping into nit-pick mode concerning matters far outside the editorial realm.

I want this Thanksgiving season to serve not only as a chance for me to count my blessings, but also as a reminder that a thankful and positive spirit can be a choice as well as a response.

May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer. --Ps. 19: 14, NIV


Mary said...

Nice post, Suzan. Have a great Thanksgiving. Thanks for reminding me what the holiday is really about.
by the way, I don't mean to post just Mary. This is Mary Connealy. But this blogger seems to insist that I am a woman without a last name. Hmmmm.....

Crystal said...

I'm really happy you all are doing this blog. I have you already on my blog roll.

I'm grateful for your books that you do such a good job on editing. Your analogy here was thoughtful and something I have to keep in mind in my own roles in publishing.

Welcome to the Blog World!

Rhonda Gibson said...

"I want this Thanksgiving season to serve not only as a chance for me to count my blessings, but also as a reminder that a thankful and positive spirit can be a choice as well as a response." These words touched my heart, Susan. Thank you for posting them.

Sandra Robbins said...

Thanks for your comments on having a positive attitude. After all we should realize we are blessed beyond measure. Have a happy Thanksgiving day.

Sandra Robbins

Mary said...

Susan, I've spent the morning working on Book #2 of my cozy mystery. I'm just cracking myself up. I sure hope someone else thinks it's funny. A newly dead guy in the library and a long dead mouse in a car wreck. Guess who all the fine people of Melnik, Nebraska are most worried about?
Writing is a strange business, isn't it?
Mary Connealy

Story Girl said...

Oh, my Susan. I'm a lot like Mr. Friend, pointing out negative aspects of things. I wonder why we're that way. I think it's because I want people to know that I know... that they know... :)) That way, I won't be too very embarrassed if THEY point out the negatives FIRST. LOL Make sense?